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Hi Today at Cyberclick Academy we will talk about video marketing

Surely many of you have already heard about this technique that is so booming on many platforms In fact, a Hubspot study tells us that 81 percent of brands are already using it and that is precisely why our competition is probably already using it within their communication and advertising strategies We want to explain what this technique consists of, the benefits it can have for you and we want to give you 9 tips on how to apply them and start them on your social networks When we talk about video marketing we refer to a digital marketing technique that is based on the use of resources audiovisuals through the internet to achieve different objectives In short we refer to adding videos to your marketing strategy Another format to consider is the social video that it's about created videos exclusively to be broadcast on social networks the idea is to create sharable pieces adapted to the particular ones of each social network for example in instagram and twitter works the square video while in instagram stories we use the vertical format on YouTube it is important that it be of good quality preferably HD and have a very good sound on Facebook we could say that it is important that it contains subtitles since its automatic reproduction is scheduled on youtube and is that today's data show that video marketing has a very positive impact on sales and the role for example a tweet that contains a video has three times more reproductions and answers that one that does not contain it or for example 90% of users says that when you watch a video of a product this video will influence your purchase decision or it is also known that 64 percent of users who sell a video with products tend to acquire some of them today the average user consume 40 minutes of videos on youtube from your mobile every time you log in this is an increase of 50% compared to last year in 2021 the mobile data traffic will multiply by 7 thanks to the videos within this trend mobile devices have a crucial role users are increasingly more open to consume videos on the mobile screen to such an extent that more than half of the video reproductions come from mobile In addition, video consumption no longer understands social networks but is expanding and diversifying to other channels For example on Facebook, more than 100 million hours of video are viewed per day and snap is following with this trend of video boom they already have more than 255 million users 40 percent of the US population between 13 and 34 years old uses this social network daily when considering our video marketing strategy the first question is inevitable in which network or networks should I publish my content for promote it well now I leave a series of very interesting data on the different social networks that work with video Since its creation in 2005 YouTube has become the video platform par excellence worldwide every day a billion video hours are displayed on this platform the generation to which youtube is directed is around 18 and 34 years and the format that is most popular on this platform are videos that last around 3 minutes If you want to strengthen our video marketing on this platform do not hesitate to sign up for free to our course on digital advertising and video marketing on youtube As we have already mentioned, facebook is one of the social networks where video is becoming more and more important in fact as I have said before every day 100 million hours of video a day are consumed on facebook on this platform also one of the advantages of facebook is the self-reproduction that is when users they are advancing in the section of last news they are reproduced the videos of automatic form what it makes him arrive to more people also the audience of facebook is much wider than in other social networks and it goes from 25 to 34 years old, which means 25 percent of the active population the format that works best in this social network are those videos that last between 21 and 44 seconds The queen network of photography also dares with video Currently Instagram has more than 800 13 million active users the majority are women under 35 in 2013 instagram was launched to the functionality of the video and the truth that is working very well the format used is characterized by its brevity as the videos initially they could only last 15 seconds today this duration has been extended to 60 The social network of the ghost already has more than 255 thousand active users Your audience is especially young Each day in this social network more than 1 billion stories and 400 billion are displayed of Snaps It is characterized because the duration of your videos is very short so if you want to conquer your audience you already know: videos cortitos! This social network has introduced very interesting news within video marketing as a result of using the gif or its integration with periscope and with Vine

and also from 2015 with the native videos also twitter is used a lot in mobile phones and can be very useful to use different formats and durations that go from half a second up to 140 you have already convinced yourself of everything that video marketing can do for your brand well I leave here 9 tips for your video marketing strategy to succeed in social networks search videos that generate interactions in general we should look for content that users want to share we have to put it easy and generate themes or articles in which the users feel reflected see what is useful information for them or call them to action create emotive content the video is one of the best formats to generate emotional content so let's take advantage of what adapt your videos to the algorithms of each social network Think of the different ways in which social networks behave, for example Twitter Snapchat or Facebook on Twitter the content that prevails are the last minute in snap chat are more content ephemeral on facebook instead prevails in more time and result in more people reacting to the same content includes the pse in your strategy especially if our video campaigns include youtube is essential have a good keywords strategy to increase the number of reproductions The good thing if brief twice good The time has come to apply this saying, although it is true that each social network has its duration star is true that normally the brief contents are more successful use storytelling to communicate more effectively If we want to win over our users and remember our brand, we can tell it is a great story nobody wants to see and let's not share another ad more, let's be creative and make content that reaches the heart It turns the client into the protagonist if we want to win the attention of the users we must turn LEDs into the center of our story and the content has to be specifically addressed to him that he feels part of that content and of course that is of interest start strong One of the biggest enemies of video marketing is the abandonment if we want users to see our videos we have to get hooking them from the first moment the first 30 seconds in our videos are key integrate the video with the rest of your brand video campaigns are another ingredient in our advertising and branding strategy so we must create content and videos that reflect our style our values ​​and define our unique personality I hope this video about video marketing has helped you to know better this technique and the benefits that can be reported now it only remains that you are encouraged if you start to mount your own campaigns and publish them on your social networks and of course if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Cyberclick we would love to help you with your campaigns and even become your digital marketing agency

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