Social Media Marketing Automation Strategies To Save Time

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So, you need to generate leads or sales for your business online, but honestly, you don't have time to be messing around with social media all day long? or you need a more automated solution? Well, in this video, I'm gonna give you my top three marketing automated strategies to help you save time So stick around (intense rock music) In this video, we're gonna dive into my top three marketing automation strategies But before we get into all that I wanna make sure to tell you to subscribe to our channel here for online business automation strategies Everything from marketing, lead generation and sales to help you make money online

So whether you have a home based business online, you work in real estate, financial services, or really virtually any business under the sun these days in today's day and age you really need an online presence in order to generate leads and sales for your business Well the problem for most entrepreneurs is that they're busy running their business right? They've got all of the other things that they need to do in their business so they have a ton of time to focus on building their online presence and generating the leads and their sales online Now there's definitely the solution of simply hiring an agency Just give it to them and they can take care of it And if you have it in your budget you can definitely do that

It's great depending on where you are in the stage of your business, how much money you have to spend One caveat with hiring an agency is to do your due diligence Check them out thoroughly Get examples from previous clients, really dig around online yourself before you spend the money Because you're gonna spend a lot of money doing this working with an agency

And I've unfortunately seen a lot of really bad marketing that has cost people a lot of money when they've outsourced it completely So do your due diligence, don't just hand it off to the first person that says they can do it Really, really research it Research the company and the results that they've gotten for other people so that you know you're making a wise decision if you do hire out Now, if you aren't at the stage in your business or interested in just hiring out an agency

You can start focusing on automated marketing strategies that are really leveraged and are just created in a way to help you save time Now, Facebook is our number one automation strategy that we use for generating leads and things for business Facebook is really really good for marketing Now, it's a bit more advanced It's honestly, I don't suggest getting involved with a Facebook unless you're ready to run ads

If you're not ready to run ads then the automation side of Facebook just doesn't really work okay? There's really no what we would call organic engagement if you have the Facebook business page, and you've got a bunch of likes on it They say 6% of people that have like your page are gonna see a post, but in reality the numbers that we're seeing are more like 1% or less than 1% of the people who like your page will ever see a post that in their time line show up So, it's very very low engagement You have to be ready to do ads And Facebook ads are amazing, however, you can waste a lot of time and money on them if you don't know what you're doing

So, if you're gonna, if you're set to, if you wanna do Facebook ads okay, I would definitely either hire someone to do your Facebook ads, and there's very specific people that aren't just marketing agencies But they're actually just Facebook, Facebook's their game Those are the type of people you wanna work with They know the platform inside and out, and can get you really good results Now, that's typically pretty expensive and might not be in your budget

You may yourself be interested in running the ads yourself, or maybe you have a family member, kid, friend, someone, employee that will help you with this Awesome, but you definitely want whoever's gonna do this to have gone through some really good, thorough training Not just a quick short YouTube video, because there's a lot of caveats, there's a lot of pitfalls people can, and traps people can fall into when they get into paid advertising on Facebook So you definitely wanna know what you're doing before you throw money in it Now, there's a few different things you can do with Facebook ads

So you can run ads, just simply to collect email addresses for people People who are likely to be interested in your product or service, or whatever it is that you offer So you can generate leads, you can collect emails, to build your email list Now an email list is incredibly leveraged You write an email, you hit send, and you can reach hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people very very quickly, and it's really effective

It is kind of a skill that you learn over time working on email marketing But it's awesome It's a really good way to continue to build that relationships and rapport with potential customers, and to you know serve them and get to know your customer base And get people who are coming to you when they are actually ready to buy People you can tell about your deals, and things that are happening in your industry and what's going on

Email marketing is awesome Now email marketing is awesome, but email marketing ten years ago was crazy awesome And it worked really really easy and well Email marketing today is a bit different You're open rates, so the number, the percentage of people that actually open your emails in today's day its much lower

People, they're used to being spammed a bunch of promotional stuff all the time and they don't necessarily open them So open rates are low, you know 10 maybe 15% if you have a decent list, a decent list of people that you're emailing That's kinda what you're looking at So it's really a numbers game You wanna build that list as big as you can

And then talk to them regularly, so they get used to get used to you and give them value, things that they're interested in learning, and speaks to you know say you're an HVAC company right? You could give tips on you know fall's coming make sure you clean your, have your vents cleaned and make sure that you close all your vents underneath your house Like all of these sorts of things that would speak to your target audience That would build that goodwill to your potential customer, and get them ready to purchase from you when they're ready for a service Okay, so email marketing is awesome Now, what's a really cool thing you can do with Facebook is you can actually run ads, to build a list that you market to through Facebook messenger

So in messenger, you know where you actually chat with your friends and your family You can actually as a business page send out broadcast messages to thousands, tens of thousands, tons and tons and tons of people very easily And open rates in messenger are like 90% So compare that, 90% to open rates you know 10, 15% or so in email It's a world apart

Now, it's not quite as, there's some downfalls okay Messenger, those people, it works really really well, but you don't only wanna build a business with messenger bots, you're considered messenger bots, the actual services that you use to message these people You don't wanna build a business just using that as your main thing because in reality you're completely reliant on Facebook You could spend thousands of dollars, and build a great list that you're messaging and you're getting sales and everything from in Facebook messenger However, if Facebook decides they don't like you for some reason, they could shut you down tomorrow and then what are you gonna do in your business right? So you don't want to set yourself up

You wanna be smart I want you to use it but don't rely solely on it, okay But messenger bots are really sweet Now, you can also with Facebook ads, you can just direct them to your website And you see this the most with shopping websites right? E-commerce type stuff where they're showing little videos, or clips or images of their products

Like for me, I like you know looking at clothes And so I'll see in my timeline in Facebook I see all of these nice clothes and I can you know swipe through, see a bunch of clothes, and I can hit the shop now button, and it actually takes me to their store to purchase So, if you're looking, if you're especially if you're in the shopping world, that works really good right? Just ads promoting, showing off the product and sending them to purchase it works really good Now, if you think Facebook is your jive you're ready to tackle it, awesome I am gonna throw it in not at the top of the description guys, but lower in the description, I'll throw in some resources that you can plug in too for training because don't try to dive into Facebook ads without training

You'll get really frustrated, you'll waste a lot of time, and a lot of money and no one wants to do that So, definitely check out some good training, if you wanna get into the Facebook ads world Now, strategy number two This might surprise you but Twitter Twitter is awesome for small businesses of all kinds

Twitter rocks Because you can reach your entire audience who's online whenever you tweet, whenever you send out a message Now compare that with Facebook Remember I said less than, they say 6% but really you're looking at like 1% or less of people you're audience who've liked your page are gonna see your posts when you post on Facebook as a business When you're on Twitter as a business, and you tweet you post 100% of your audience, the people that follow you they're gonna see that in their news feed, how cool is that? It's powerful

You can get a ton of people to view your messages about your business and what you have to offer them through twitter And that is really cool Now, you might be a little turned off or nervous about Twitter because hear about you know people tweeting all the time and it's doesn't have to be that way You can do twitter really really smart, and you can automate about 100% of what you do on Twitter Now it does take some tools, right

If you do wanna go the automation route, which we highly suggest, there's some really basic cheap tools that you can set up, takes some time to set it up but then you can kinda set it and forget it right? It's a really really nice resource because you put in the time, you set it up, you let it run You're tweeting all the time, you're connecting with new people following you, you're growing a targeted audience, a huge targeted audience It's gonna start off slow right, with zero, le zero but very quickly when you have good strategy behind you that when you're following people, you're building this audience and really targeted folks who are interested or likely to be interested in what your offer is You can go to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands pretty quickly on Twitter and that is sweet You can also scale up pretty easily on Twitter

Leveraging some different strategies, you can scale, so say you get things working, and you're generating five, 10 leads a day on Twitter, then you can apply those strategies and tweak some things, and you can scale that up to say 32 leads a day right? You can do some really cool stuff with that Twitter is still a very active platform There is about 330 million monthly active users on Twitter So there's a lot of action going on, on Twitter And for small business it's really the place to be

It's one of the best places to get started because you can reach your audience, you can get your messages out in front of them, in a way that you're never gonna do without a huge advertising budget and skill on Facebook or some of those other platforms So Twitter, definitely deserves your attention It has done really good things for our business personally and so we really like it We actually put together a training, I'm gonna add it and I'm gonna actually give you guys a lot of training options today, because we're talking about several different topics that you can really dive deeper into So, if Twitter, if you wanna explore what you can do with Twitter, how you can generate up to 32 leads a day without paid advertising on Twitter I'm gonna put the link further down in the description, I'm gonna have a little section there, and I'll put the Twitter link, right the Twitter training

So we put together this webinar, great training on Twitter that's really gonna help you We kinda, we go through examples exactly what to post, how to set up your account, all kinds of great stuff that's really gonna help you just crush it on Twitter Now, number three Instagram Instagram is one of the hottest and fastest growing social media platforms out there today It's insane how quickly this thing is growing

It is currently at 800 million monthly members That's a lot of people That's a lot of active users That's a ton Now currently, just so you can understand the demographics, because depending on who your clientele and customer base is this may make you focus on this sooner than Twitter

You know, make that distinction on where you wanna focus your time Currently the demographic on Instagram is highly female, and like GenX and lower, like under 40 okay It's very large percentage of people in those generations of females are on Instagram, but it is growing across the board into with all generations and with men as well So just know that, because if you have a very female heavy product or service then you definitely take a really close look at Instagram Now with Instagram if you want automation, you wanna save time, you can automate basically all of Instagram if you want

Now what we suggest for Instagram is actually automating most of Instagram So automating the busywork That actually takes people, you know when we hear about people spending all day on their phones and on social media that kind of stuff is what you automate okay The all of the ways to grow you account, and things that people do, automate all of that And then post, if you can put, when you get to, we have some good training we're gonna do that you can really post on Instagram in about 30 seconds a day

And the biggest fans on Instagram are posting only about five times a week So I think you might able to handle that Its a really good strategy that even if you're doing it manually, partially manually, or fully manually, not automating any of it you can create a massive audience and growth and generate leads and generate sales for your business in just a few minutes a day So, that is powerful And with, kinds of on a side note, if you feel personally that you're just not a techie person, and technology in general kind of intimidates you a bit Instagram is where I would start

It's a slower paced platform, it's very simple, it's not busy And you could really do some cool stuff with it So that's another good thing about Instagram Hot tip, if you do wanna work with Instagram, I'll let you know, write this down word swag S-w-a-g word swag

It's an app you can get on iphone or Android and it is an awesome app that allows you to create really cool images with text and things And I love it, and it allows you to create great posts in a few seconds So, that is my tip for you on Instagram Write that down, make sure you use that app, because it's really, I think it's, it's not free but it's like four dollars or three dollars and it's the best four or three dollars that you've ever spent on your business Because it's gonna save you a lot of time

So definitely check that out Now with Instagram, it's very similar to Twitter Over time you're gonna be growing a targeted very large audience Right you're gonna get, eventually if you're consistent with it, and you have it all set up and you keep it running, you're gonna you know get into the tens of thousands, and eventually hundreds of thousands of audience and that's exciting That's a long term asset that you can market to over and over and over again

That's a really leveraged strategy, and something that's gonna help you build your business long term, not just short term So I really like that One cool little feature, or strategy that could be used within Instagram is called Contests You can actually run Contests on Instagram and get other people to advertise for you How cool is that? So there's some really cool stuff about Instagram, what it's currently doing, and you know where it's going

It's growing rapidly, it's changing and it's really taking on It's becoming a really core part of pop culture in particular but it's got a huge marketing potential and it's not going anywhere So if you want you know, you have a vision of your business and where you wanna be five, 10, 15 years from now You definitely wanna get your online presence started for Instagram because it's only getting bigger and bigger okay? So in the links with trainings guys I will include a training you can check out for Instagram We've put together a few of those

We'll throw one of those in there for you so you can dive a little bit more deeper into how to set up your profile, what kind of images and things to post, how to do all of that alright? Now, if you are all about automation and leverage like we are in our business, it honestly doesn't get better than having a fully online business Now we realize that, that may be a whole new world for you, so we put together a full training explains all of the different types of online businesses, how they work, what's involved with them and how you can fully automate sales from lead generation all they way through to sales, with your customers with our social media automation training Now that's gonna be the very the very top link in the description guys, because that is an awesome training we just put it together and it's really gonna help people who are not familiar with how the online world works What's really out there, how do you actually set up online businesses, what different types of businesses are there, and how do you set up something that's gonna work on your own So if you're still working a brick and mortar business or you're still working a full time job

Where you've got kids or whatever You're still, you're able to create an income stream that's automated online, which to me automated income, doesn't get better than that So I hope you got some awesome value from this video If you did make sure to like the video for me Throw in a comment, let me know where you're starting, where you're gonna focus for your business, what of these strategies speaks to you the most, throw in any questions that you have

We'll make sure to answer those for you, share this to your favorite social media platform, and subscribe for more awesome automated business leverage strategies from leads generations to traffic and sales, the whole kit and caboodle will help you make money online (intense rock music)

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