So geht Erfolg mit Social Media wirklich! Die Thank You Economy | Gary Vaynerchuk Buch Review

Today's video is about the book "The Thank You Economy " by Gary Vaynerchuk I have read the book for you and give you here the most important ideas from this book – some really good ideas and thoughts

This book is about how social media changes the way we communicate with customers And now also applied to Youtubers or at all influencers or people that create content Of course, all people that consume our content are also in a sense our customers I think there are some important points here And it's definitely worth it How does social media change everything? And I can anticipate it right away, one thought I really liked in this book is that the the balance of power gets turned back to the customer Imagine, not so long ago, in a small village, there was a butcher

Everyone knows the butcher The butcher knows everyone in the village The butcher knows exactly about the preferences of his customers He knows, for example, Heinrich Müller, he always wants the ham for Christmas and Max loves the steaks He knows that and when the customer comes, then he tells him, I've got it for you a showpiece of meat

This is a relationship that works great But if this butcher is cheating on his customers, then the whole village talks about it and he is ruined His business is over That's how it was not so long ago the social networks were still small and working Now In between, something happened

Suddenly, the balance of power turned from client to big companies The companies knew they can push their product to the customers There was no choice They have to buy the meat because the little butcher does not exist anymore There is only the wholesale distributor

So be very happy to get anything at all Very different way of thinking Marketing messages just get pushed into the mass, into the dull, big crowd, that must consume it, because they have no choice And, at some point it will work Then they are conditioned and they buy

That was the way of thinking for a certain time And then social media happens Social media, many have not understood yet, and I say it clearly, turns the balance of power back From the big corporation to the customer Because if crap happens, then everyone knows

The customers are networked They talk to each other This is rumored On a much larger scale than it was before But in principle the world becomes a village, thanks to Social media

And the companies now have to go to their customers They must treat the customers as a person, as an individual, as well as possible A huge shift from my point of view, in the power relations or in the power structure between customer and provider, between service providers and customer So the first point in the book is very clear here, the balance of power that turns again, back from the industry, back to the customer The second important point I got out of this book is, the advertising has often not yet understood that social media is no classic push channel

Social media is not just a push channel but social media is a network You are connected with your friends Of course we know how it works but the advertising industry has not necessarily understood They go there by conventional means and trumpet their marketing messages into some network Now imagine, you're together with 5 friends

Discuss comfortably and there joins some sixth stranger and says "Buy my product, buy my product, it is the best" Then you think, oh my god, what does he want? is he crazy? I'm not interested at all And that's exactly what the industry partially does It blows its message like on television into the masses, into the networks of people And they have no connection

What they should do instead is turn it around, they must first be part of the network, actively participate in the network Let's say I'm one of those 5 guys By chance, I have a product, then I speak with the people who are basically interested in this topic I become part of this network They are friends And at some point they realize, "Oh, you have this product, that might be interesting "And if they find it good, then they tell other friends and that's how the message spreads

Quite simple, but not everyone understood yet And this is the second and third important message here Social media is not just a substitute for the previous poster advertising or television, instead you have to focus on the networks And the third, which is a bit hidden here is: much more important than me as a provider trumpet my message is that there is trust in the network, that it is something good and friends in turn tell their friends about this Product and thereby spread the message, that it's something awesome, that's definitely worth a closer look That is much more effective

From a business point of view also much more important to invest directly in the customers Imagine, I run a restaurant I invest in a marketing agency I pay a lot of money to advertise for my restaurant That's the classic version

Instead, I now invest the money directly into my customers I say, for example, every Friday night for Regulars free dinner This is rumored They tell this to their friends They feel appreciated as customers

Because they are So why put the money into a marketing organization go directly to the customers instead and invest into the customer's network make friends From my point of view these are the key messages of this book It then has a list of important points I give you the most important points here fast demand, limitless customer engagement Always be the first to adopt trends

Build a corporate culture with service and heart And every transaction, every interaction with a person is interacting with a possible Customer Be influenced by customer wishes but not controled Big difference Try to build a community that has an attachment to your brand Use every opportunity to communicate, not for advertising

Huge difference To communicate in networks and to increase the relationship and friendship Put on the wow factor That means you want your customers to tell everyone about their great experience You have to show the customer again and again why they love your brand And many small steps lead to your goals

That are the top points at the end of the book That's the key messages in this book I think the book is a bit long Maybe my only criticism here It takes a bit long to get to the point

The most important points I have summarized here for you Internalize that Maybe listen to the video again to note all the points And somehow try that in your daily life and creation and in your interaction with people, and networks I hope you like this video Do not forget to subscribe

Click the little bell for notifications if there is something new And see you in the next video

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