Social Media Marketing for Nail Technicians with Habib from Young Nails

we're here at young nails booth with Habib yes that's wonderful so if you are not watching his YouTube channel yet you definitely should do this so he'll be view to you the YouTube channel have a company products how do you manage all that's a great question and the simple answer is 15 hours a day it's an incredible amount of work funny enough you and I were just having this conversation right off camera we were talking about how much work it is to to have a consistent like YouTube channel to put out a ton of content every single day on YouTube Instagram snapchat all these channels it's so much work and then on top of that I've got to run the company as well so I have to communicate with all the different departments legal marketing sales operations I'm totally engulfed in the business and for me like there's no other way it's there's no shortcut right like and I think you would would you agree with me on that for sure it's just you know you have to hustle you got I love to see that's one of my favorite favorite words ever is hustle and today if you you know if you're a nail technician if you are a salon owner whatever it is in the business you have to incorporate some type of like social media marketing in your business and you got to run your business – the thing about social media marketing is that it is incredibly time consuming like it's very time consuming but for me there's no other choice you have to do it right there that's I don't even like – honestly I don't like to even call it social media marketing it should just be called it's just today's marketing today's marketing is you've got to get on social media Instagram YouTube are my like preferences Facebook also extremely relevant snapchat is great you should even take a look at it maybe for a younger demographic but in my eyes it's still still very relevant but to hustle it's all about hustle my day starts at 7 am

and honestly it doesn't finish until maybe 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning every single night and that's why it's also important to love what you do right because if you love what you do then the possibility of sustaining that much volume of work is very high there's no way I could do that if I didn't truly love my company and the industry there's zero I have no chance like forget it it's over right that's too much work but with that love of the industry and of what I want to do like I can I can manage it it's good ok so the reasons I have many questions from a nail technician so they start they Instagram let's say and they don't have much following and then they get this one negative comment and they you know completely distract and they're like no I don't want to do this so do have an advice for beginners? yeah that's is such a great point and on that topic that's the number one thing that we hear from nail technicians is like I don't want to post because people are gonna say bad things or they'll actually remove the negative comments because they don't want to hear it and we tell them like who cares what some random individual in the world says about your work you absolutely have to post your work daily you got to post it daily you're gonna get negative comments there's no way around that so that's a reality of social media is the negative comments are gonna come it's just part of the game right and so you have to you got to get adjusted with that reality it's part of the social media game I've had oh my god I go onto YouTube and go read the comments there are some about me that are so nasty and so gnarly does it hurt if I'm being honest sure for about two seconds I'm like oh I don't like that comment but very quickly I refocus and like I'm trying to build my business you're trying to build your business as a nail technician or a salon you cannot get caught up in those negative comments you got to move on so do not get wrapped up with it just let them come you got to move on and it's a reality of it so like get out you got to get over it and the regarding not social media but in general you know also nail technicians afraid of competitions they say like there's so many nail techs out there I'm not gonna you know succeed so what do you think about that yeah so I would challenge you to find a business that does not have a lot of competition so you don't like the competition the nail industry okay go work for a company and try to work your way up in that company guess what there's competition there's other people fighting for that spot to go start another business try that and see if you're the only one that's going to be there running that business the reality of the situation is any business that you get into there's competition us is a nail manufacturer we have competition that is so fierce and we have to deal with it every single day as a salon yeah there's going to be competition everywhere you know what it's very possible that maybe maybe you're not cut out for it in order to succeed in this business you got to deal with the competition in any business yes it's fierce you've got to deal with it you've got a stomach it and you got to figure out a way this is where creativity comes into play like this is why I love competition because when competition comes your way and you got to deal with it you have to then force creativity how can I be more creative in my business in my marketing and my communications in my skill set in my nails how can I improve to make my business better petition is good it's not bad it pushes you to the limit which is why it is so absolutely necessary so embrace competitions love that embrace competition hundred percent okay so and what are your plans for the future I mean what are you going conquer the world we do have plans too obviously to continue to continue to grow the brand really for us it's we want to we want to put I know this sounds insane but we want to put more contents out into the market so and we're gonna differentiate that content so we have our core content right now but over the next three years you're gonna see more content I was kind of I was actually talking to you off camera as well like there's some plans to do different types of content and to the nail industry we love the nail industry we want to continue to help it grow and flourish and for us to be a you know sort of a a channel into just more content to help develop the industry that's our goal so the the plans over the next three years more content awesome plans thank you very much and follow young nails to get inspired hey guys I hope you enjoyed this video honestly I was super excited to finally meet Habib and Greg in person if you would like to watch a tutorial by Greg Salo from young nails feel free to subscribe to nails pro Academy channel and we also have more interviews with Doug Schoon, ibx and more thank you so much for watching this video if you would like to see more motivational videos and nail art tutorials subscribe to my channel thank you and i will see you in my next video bye bye

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