Social Media KPIs That Actually Matter Today – Social Media Minute

Hi, I'm Jan Rezab this is Social Media Minute Social marketers' job has changed dramatically over the last five years

In 2018 marketers have to behave quite differently than in 2013 Back in 2013, maybe you would follow a couple of metrics, you'd have a social listening tool, you'd check out some of the mentions, you'd have a basic understanding about your engagement and your reach, impressions, and things like that You'd have some running ads with associated costs You'd get that all in one report and voilà, you'd be done But in 2018, this has changed dramatically

Marketers have to be following the same metrics times a number of influencers They use a number of partnerships they're involved in They have to be looking at big influencers, they have to be looking at micro-influencers They have to be looking at the community those influencers created Of course, they still have to be looking at their ads but their ads don't just run simply, they have ad sets, massive campaigns, multi-targeting

They're running one ad to several custom audiences, target audiences, etc You can actually now see all ads public per each page that they do Definitely try and browse that While a ton of you are still receiving those same emails and same reports with spend numbers, impressions, and reach, the underline metrics have actually changed It's the feedback you're getting to the post

It's the communities and the target audiences you put your ads to that see different results You need to be doing A/B testing and other things on all of those And I haven't even gotten to communities and actual Facebook groups or interest groups and things like that that you have to start engaging with, that to an extent can be bigger than your actual organic performance on your pages While video metrics might just look like the number of views on your video, today, you have the number of 3-second views, 10-second views, 30-second views, your ads running on it Don't even get me started on live metrics themselves, that's a whole plethora of new metrics

You have engagement to each and every one of those You have an exact curve of how long these people have watched your videos It's becoming hard to be a social marketer understanding all the different measures This is why it's important that my recommendation to marketers is both to keep understanding high-level metrics such as spend, total reach, impressions, and the things you're getting for your money But as well going into the details of what exact content is creating my engagement

What type of influencers is driving my awareness the most? These things, you have to look into the details, not only look into the high-level numbers My number one recommendation to marketers is, "Look through the details" Look through the metrics like negative feedback, look through the influencer metrics Who and what drives it, what audiences drive the most engagement on your ads and that will make you the best marketers out there Good luck and see you next Monday

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