How Businesses Invest in Digital Marketing in 2018

Hi, I'm Jeremy, and I'm Josh, and we're from 97 Switch, a digital marketing agency in Chicago I was recently interviewed about a study by Clutch about how businesses are using digital marketing today and we thought to talk about we thought was interesting

Clutch surveyed 501 marketers and businesses across the US They found the top three digital marketing channels were social media marketing, a website, and email marketing The one channel the survey identified that businesses do not think that they're investing in was the SEO for their business We found this to be really interesting because SEO is one of the most important things about for a business to have and they didn't think they were investing in it

Although people think they're not investing in their SEO We know that by updating your website, by publishing new content, by sharing it on social media, by sharing it the email, engaging with your customers online This impacts how you're found on the internet It impacts your SEO So quick recap from today The survey identified that people want to invest in their website social media, email marketing And our perception is that is impacting your SEO So if you do a variety of digital marketing actions that will help your overall SEO of your business If you like this kind of information come to us at our website a 97switchcom and we'll be posting more videos like this soon Hope you enjoyed today, thanks

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