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Heya, book nerds! I’m Meg LaTorre, and today on iWriterly I’m excited to do something a little different We will be reviewing Mandi Lynn's AuthorTube Academy, which is an online course for writers looking to make their own AuthorTube channels

Many of you know Mandi Lynn, indie author of the books Essence, I am Mercy, and the soon-to-be-published novel She’s Not Here She’s also an AuthorTuber with tons of great content on author platform, self-publishing, writing, and marketing Before we get into today’s content, make sure you hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already Here on iWriterly we create videos about how to be a successful modern-day author, including content on writing, being an entrepreneur, author platform, and how to be published, whether that’s self- or traditional-publishing If that sounds like something you’re interested in, be sure to ring that bell so you’re notified every time we upload a new video

For those who may not know what AuthorTube is, it’s a community on YouTube where published and aspiring authors post content about writing, publishing, marketing, and more Mandi Lynn has a fantastic AuthorTube channel (which I’ll leave in the description below) She’s created an online course called the AuthorTube Academy, which will be available to the public on August 14, 2018 I was given access to the online course in exchange for an honest review Today, I’ll be diving into this resource for writers who are either looking to start their own AuthorTube channels or who may have started them and are looking for ways to grow and improve

Once the course is live, I’ll include a link in the description below to the landing page for the AuthorTube Academy For now, I’ll link to the video on Mandi’s website about the course, should you guys want to check it out The first thing I noticed was the landing page for the course was aesthetically pleasing and professional Mandi smartly created an overview video and then listed “What You Will Be Getting,” “Course Curriculum,” and pricing It was organized and insightful, which is great for people deciding if they wanted to take the course or not

The course curriculum includes: Your Channel Finding Topics Video Script Filming Video Editing SEO Uploading Sharing and Engagement Collaborating When I first logged in, I noticed registering/signing in wasn’t a long and complicated process (which was awesome) Once you were logged in, there was an interactive sidebar where you could click on the course curriculum overarching topics and watch the videos, which were called modules within the course Overall, I thought this course was well thought-out, thorough, and engaging For every video, Mandi had an intro, body, and call to action at the end She also included two helpful handouts, which were easily downloadable as PDFs, and in-course links to resources she mentioned

As someone who’s been doing AuthorTube for some time, there were several instances where I learned things I didn’t know in the past that were extremely helpful Without getting too spoilery, here are a few things I found insightful: How to set up upload defaults so you don’t have to copy and paste the video description each time Plugins and resources to assist you in finding commonly-sought keywords in order to create the most engaging video title How to easily keep an eye on your video’s analytics with plugins Resources to create engaging video intros (which was a question I had asked Mandi on her YouTube channel)

An opportunity for writers to ask questions in a private Facebook group Last, the topics flowed smoothly from one module to the next While watching the course, I did find myself wishing that it had gone into further detail on a few topics: In the VIDEO EDITING module, while this video had a lot of great content, I was pretty disappointed we didn’t go into how to edit the video in more detail You can see Mandi quickly editing one of her videos, which was awesome, but she didn’t verbalize what she was doing to edit the videos in her live tutorial as we watched her edit and clip her video–which I thought was a missed opportunity In the SEO module, I was disappointed at the lack of more concrete methods to bring up your SEO rating in YouTube

Mandi showed her videos and metrics, which was super cool, but I would have loved to have a more in-depth explanation of how tags and video description impact SEO ratings In addition, I didn’t see the closed captions mentioned in the video (which are those CC labels below each video), and I know that also plays a role in searchability In the SHARING AND ENGAGEMENT module, Mandi briefly mentions some of her strategies on Instagram, specifically IGTV I really wanted to learn more about IGTV and see what she did in the module, itself Twitter was also glanced over pretty quickly, which I was surprised about since it’s a key community for writers

In the COLLABORATING module, while I loved the deep dive into etiquette and different ways you can do a collab, I wished we had briefly gone into the ways you can record collab videos for live streams, for example That’s a question I often receive on my own AuthorTube channel, and I think referencing a quick few plugins or resources to record collabs would have been great Overall, I thought this course was well thought out and worth investing your time and resources if you’re new to YouTube and looking to learn how to launch your AuthorTube channel If you’re interested in learning more about AuthorTube Academy, I’ll include links to Mandi’s website and video on the course I’ll also include links to Mandi’s YouTube channel so you can check out her content

Thanks for tuning into this episode on iWriterly on AuthorTube Academy, a new online course by AuthorTuber Mandi Lynn If you liked what you saw, give the video a thumbs up It lets me know you like this type of content and want more If you’re new here, welcome! Consider subscribing I post writing-related videos every Wednesday

If you have questions about anything we covered today, leave those in the comments below Be sure to connect with me on my other social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram I also have a monthly newsletter, Book Nerd Buzz, which includes exclusive giveaways for subscribers I’ve recently re-opened my freelance editorial services If you’d like extra eyes on your query, synopsis, or manuscript or an opportunity to chat with me via video coaching to ask all the questions, feel free to fill out the form on my website and send me a message

All of the links are listed below That’s it for today As always, KEEP WRITING!

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