Build Trust Through Social Media – Social Media Marketing Tips

– Hey there Facebook, if you're on here live, make sure to comment live If you're watching the replay, hashtag live, this is your girl Stacia Kennedy, your online marketing coach

And in this video, I wanna talk to you about building trust through social media Alright, so good morning everybody So let's get into it I am super excited to share this with you because we all know that we need to build trust, you know, that people, we all know that people buy from people who we know, like and trust, right? So we all know that if you want to sell more, you need to build trust, right, we all know that it's all about building trust and rapport And you're more likely going to be able to drive more leads and sales through the people that you know the most

So in this video, I wanna share with you how to build trust through social media, and why Some things to think about So it used to be just about emailing and selling through emails, which is still relevant today, but not as much But people buy from people that know, like and trust, people will open up your email if they know, like and trust you, again So that is why I feel that social media is the way that you, you know, you build know, like and trust

That's how you build trust, is through social media, doing livestreams like this, doing posts, being on top of mind If you watched one of my last videos as well, I talk about three different types of posts, posting things that are funny, things that make you People basically put you on top of mind, right

So in this video, I wanted to share with you this thought that yes, email is still alive, email is a part of marketing, but you also wanna build trust through social media And I feel like video is the most, also the most powerful as well, to build know, like and trust Because when people see your videos, they hear you, they listen to you and the more that they watch your videos, you're building more know, like and trust, and rapport, and if you have people liking your video, and hearting your video, you'll building more trust So make sure to heart this video Give me some love

(clapping) Give me some hearts and loves and share this video out, 'cause that is you know, this is what people need to know about I mean people need to know that you need to build trust because that, I mean, we get emails all day long I've got 20000 emails probably (laughing) And the only ones that I open are from the ones that I know, like and trust, that I know personally, that I feel that I have a relationship with Okay, so email marketing is still alive, and it's only going to be even more powerful when you build trust through social media

Alright, thanks for watching this video you guys Make sure to like and share this out, and if you have any more questions, please comment below and I'll see you on the next video Much love, and aloha

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