Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | Is Amazon’s Affiliate Program Worth It

I'm gonna tell you why Amazon's affiliate program is definitely worth it for beginners and if you stay to the end I'll even give you a killer tip to dominate Amazon affiliate marketing coming up What is going on my name is Steven if this is your first time here and you want to learn how to master affiliate marketing create wealth and all sorts of other entrepreneurship stuff start now by subscribing and clicking the bell icon so you don't miss anything

If you're just getting into affiliate marketing Amazon is a great place for you to start for a couple of reasons The first and probably the biggest reason to use Amazon when you're just starting out is because they basically do all of the selling for you When you use any other affiliate network besides Amazon you have to be really good at selling and you have to know exactly how to take the customer through the buying process which can take quite some time to fully learn Luckily for you Amazon has perfected the art of getting people to buy once they land on their website which means as a beginner all you have to learn is how to drive traffic to Amazon Now of course you're still going to want to learn how to sell and how to take a customer through the buying process so when you're ready for that you can go check out my free affiliate marketing ebook by clicking the link in the description down below

The other reason Amazon's affiliate marketing program is so good for beginners is because there's so many products out there which means low competition and it also means that you can test out multiple different niches to find out which one you like the best A lot of people assume Amazon is super competitive compared to other affiliate networks but in reality it's not that competitive because even though it has a ton of affiliates it also has a ton of different offers whereas other affiliate networks such as Clickbank don't have that many offers and they have tons and tons of affiliates Hopefully at this point you've realized that Amazon's affiliate marketing program is definitely worth it especially if you're a beginner Now as promised since you stuck with me to the end here I'm gonna give you a killer tip to dominate Amazon affiliate marketing Okay so my tip for you is to target buying keywords

These are just phrases that people will search when they're closer to buying versus when they're just browsing around on the internet For example, let's say you're in the hiking niche and you want to sell some hiking boots Instead of trying to rank for general keyword phrases like hiking boots or why you need hiking boots instead you try to rank for phrases that would tell you someone's in the buying process such as best hiking boots best hiking boots under $100 or even this hiking boot versus that hiking boot By targeting keyword phrases that show someone is in the process of buying you're gonna highly increase your conversion rate which of course means more sales and ultimately more money for you If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing you can go grab my ebook for free using the link in the description down below, and of course if you're not already subscribed hit the round subscribe icon somewhere on this screen and I'll see you in the next video

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