Social Media Marketing Tutorial (2018) Increase Engagement

Hhi Carly J Hahn here welcome to my channel, in this video we're going to talk about those annoying hashtags okay but before we do make sure you subscribe to get notified of new videos let's get started make sure to hit the subscribe button for new content and click the little bell so that you never miss another video welcome back to daily profit guru in this video we're going to be discussing those absolutely annoying hashtags not really annoying but wants you to pay attention over here we're on Twitter and you can see the trending hashtag or what is trending why do we want to use hashtags let me explain for example we could search Twitter for example we can check it on this one says Facebook's down ok so again by looking at this hashtag we're seeing a lot of activity now is down causing 95 percent increase in work activities around the world which that is hilarious I would totally retweet that absolutely and I would so and this is how you interact so basically you're gonna you're going to interact with other people on Facebook you know it might be a funny quote or it might be an inspirational quote you can like people's posting but using hashtags related to your brand is how you are going to be able to build those social media accounts hashtags are extremely popular on Twitter you also have hashtags on tumblr facebook definitely Facebook so for example if I went to my personal page as you can see there are hashtags in what I can tell you based on hashtags is more people either like or comment than they would if it was just a you know a text you know I could just go in there and say I'm bored and nobody would ever see it which I'm not bored and we also want to you know search Twitter and find people to follow and you know you want to interact you want to get engagement you'll get a lot of followers that way you know especially when it comes to building use the brand like for example not only dated prophet guru but Carly J Brand I spend a lot of time putting posts up that are inspirational that are you know maybe how to's or quotes and that kind of thing and I've gotten a lot of followers I've gotten opt-ins on my blogs and you know again we're gonna be using Twitter to share our YouTube videos our blog posts other social media accounts and that kind of thing why are we using hashtags hashtags work a lot of people will get annoyed I mean not gonna say a lot so some people get annoyed by them but I'm telling you it definitely works they can be and you just want to overdo it I mean you know as you see i retweeted and did lol right but you know sometimes you see people that add like 20 is just annoying so if I searched Twitter for lol you understand it me so people are actually searching hashtags okay again we want to use them on Twitter Facebook Tumblr and Instagram definitely okay but just don't overdo it but you want to use hashtags that are popular since you know for example I could do a post right now on social media accounts and tag WordPress you know maybe I did a blog post on how to install WordPress then how to install WordPress you can even make up your own hashtag sometimes you know sometimes you can create a hashtag and it ends up trending this it's hilarious that's the purpose behind the hashtags okay see you on the next video

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