Listen to Social Media to boost your marketing.

Sometimes when you're using social media in your marketing is a good idea to stop the conversation And just listen Welcome to "Marketing Made Simple"

I'm having a walk down by the River Esk Let's talk about social media One of the mistakes some companies make is assuming that social media is just like any other marketing promotional channel And all they do is they broadcast Effectively send out adverts for their stuff

Once they get that it is actually a social interaction, a two-way conversation, their social media marketing always becomes much more successful But sometimes even the conversation has to stop And it's better just to listen And the other thing we must remember is that marketing isn't just about communications Communications are the tactics

You've got to have a strategy before you can employ the tactics Some of the best tactics evolve from a deep strategic understanding of your customer And what better way to find out what your customers needs and wants are than to listen to what they're saying Social media, especially Twitter, lets you listen in on what people are saying on just about any subject So use the search facility on Twitter

Put your name or your brand or your product into the search box and see what results you get You can use those search results to inform your marketing strategy The insights help you create a better understanding of your potential customers and help you to build your product and service accordingly And when the strategy's done and you are getting tactical and it is time to start communicating, social media can help you as well One of the best ways to engage your customers is to answer their questions

WSo going back to the search term we input into the box in Twitter, simply add a "question mark" and it will return to you the results in the form of questions asked by your potential customers All you need to do is engage with them and answer those questions Potentially put together a video or an audio or an e-book and you've got great marketing communications, great content, which will engage your potential audience It's always good to talk but sometimes it's the listening that will reveal the gems that'll help to grow your business If you enjoyed this episode, please hit the subscribe button

If you need help with your marketing look me up at rogeredwardscouk In the meantime keep marketing your business to keep growing your business

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