Why Your Paid Advertising Campaigns are Not Generating a ROI

– Hey everyone, Jason Case here with another video, and today I want to discuss why your paid advertising campaigns are not generating a return on investment So I think the biggest problem I see when people come to me with this problem and their paid advertising campaigns aren't performing like they would like is they're not spending enough time on dialing in the results of the entire journey

So they're mainly focused on the ad-facing side of the campaign And what I mean by this is whatever marketing channel you're using, so if you're using Google AdWords or Facebook, once you launch this campaign, you have some ads running, this is just the first step So if somebody clicks that ad, what happens next? They have to go somewhere, so they go most likely to a landing page on your website Well if you're not converting, then it's not necessarily saying that this marketing strategy is not going to work for you It's just you need to put more energy into dialing in these conversions

So you need to focus on your landing page Why are they not converting? Is your landing page resonating with these people? Does it match the ad copy that you're sending people to this landing page? If not, then maybe you should tweak the copy of the page There's many different things that you should be testing and measuring here, and I've done a number of videos on this Go check out my YouTube channel on this if you need help with this I have these all categorized by topics

But either way, you need to test and measure here and try to dial in these conversions So once you have this dialed in, then they should be going into a lead nurture funnel, once they opt in Because most of the times when people just reach out and contact you or they opt in for something, they're not going to convert to a customer So a lot of times it takes eight or more like touch points before someone actually buys from you So without any lead nurture automation in place, then your conversions are gonna die off here

So as boring as it is to set up these marketing funnels on the back end and your email nurture campaigns, or it doesn't even have to be emails going out It can be automatically triggering a handwritten letter to go out This is super important It's probably one of the most important parts of the entire process and the entire journey So you need to put a ton of energy here

And watch your open ratios here and watch your, if you have link clicks in here Watch your engagement levels How engaged are people with these lead nurture campaigns? If they're not engaged, then you need to be testing and measuring different things here as well So there's so many different levels to this You can't just be focusing on the ads

Although that's important too because if you're not getting the click-through ratio that you want, then you need to be testing and measuring many different things on the ad level as well But you have to look at the big picture, look at the entire journey And this takes a lot of time to dial in This is why I always stress if you're strapped on a budget or resources, don't focus on too many strategies at once Only focus on like one or two strategies and really spend a lot of time to perfecting this and dialing in

And once you have this working really good, then you can start expanding because you have some more cash flow to work with So either way, that's it for today's video If you need help with any of this, feel free to reach out, this is what we do That way you can stay focused on the things that you do best, running your business, and we can do what we do best, and that's helping grow your business Take care and we'll talk tomorrow

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