Ideenfindung aus Analogien | SOCIAL Media Marketing Agentur stellt Kreativitätstechnik vor

Hello dear friends of well-groomed ice-cream Holger here from Social Creative Room, today using the technology Forced Connections

With this technique, you can on your product that you want to develop, for example, you an item from another area that has nothing to do with your product, be inspired You are simply trying two or three or four of this item you choose Define attributes and now consider how can you apply these attributes to your product transfer We have chosen as an object an ice cube Which attributes does he have? Of course, an ice cube is cold, it is transparent, it can change the shape and he has a certain spatial depth Imagine, you have to improve a TV now

You know all these black boxes and we'll try the attributes of the To apply ice cubes First transparent: Would not it be great if these black boxes are just there would not stand, but one could not see him more or less Much better, it is only visible if it works The ice cube is cold There are televisions that stand in countries where it is 45 or 48 degrees daily

Why can not this technical device cool at the same time? First, it would stay cold itself, never overheat, and it could be the room in the It is constructed while keeping cool 3 Dimensionality: We wear 3D glasses We sit down in front of our TV It would be great if our TV had a spatial depth and this effect you could generate in the device itself In addition, the ice cube changes its shape

Why is not this with this box? Maybe he could roll in or retract when he's off, or himself zoom in and zoom in again as soon as it is switched on Thus one forces the connection of the attributes of an object from this world to a product, what I want to change and thus succeeds the forced connection, from which one very can learn a lot As I said, mainly in product development, but you can Of course, apply to other areas Ok, I hope you learned something today, I would be glad, then of course you can now subscribe to the channel

The most important thing to do with ice cubes is, of course, a drink That's why I just say cheers!

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