Manifesting Video Marketing World Into My Life Plus 5 Empowering Takeaways

Do I recommend you going to this? 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🎵 Upbeat Music🎵 🔔Bell twinkle🔔 🔔Bell twinkle🔔 🔔Bell twinkle🔔 🔔Bell twinkle🔔 hi how are you doing? I hope you are doing good I found about video marketing world 2018 because Amy Landino was going to my hometown Corpus Christi I really wanted to meet her because I really admire her She has a lot of great lesson to teach

I went to her website started browsing around and I saw she was going to be here in Dallas HMMM interesting let me take a look at that so I went and did a little research on that to my surprise there was gonna be a lot of great speakers at this event and it was about content creators a little background on myself I initially made my first video in 2006 it wasn't anything crazy it was Super Mario dancing actually I started recording content when I was in elementary in a tape I promise I'm not a dinosaur I'm like the comedian likes to say an elder millennial I've always enjoyed this I've enjoyed capturing memories sometimes people tell me I have too many photos no way I do not have too many photos because I can always take a look back at those pictures and remember exactly what I was doing some of the people that got me really excited were Evan Carmichael of course Amy Landino Jessica Stansberry unfortunately I didn't get to see her because I got there in the middle of her presentation and I didn't want to be rude and walk in but now I regret that this year has had a lot of changes so I wanted to be careful with my money be an adult be responsible so that meant I couldn't do something I really wanted to but I remember watching this YouTube video on Evan Carmichael's channel to manifest what you want that in that moment I met invested I was going to this event because I knew it would bring a lot of value to my life I didn't know how I was gonna do it I didn't know what I was gonna do in my job I get to schedule myself so I scheduled myself two weeks before the event like if I was going to the conference I didn't have the tickets I still didn't have the money and I had been talking about this for months to my husband and for weeks to my co-workers and I told them trust me I'm manifesting this It's gonna happen how who knows but it's gonna happen I allowed myself to be vulnerable when Jeremy Vest posted a video about the event the Evan Carmichael left a comment on that specific video it was two Tuesday's before the conference I told him that I was manifesting this conference into my life that I really wanted to see him and I couldn't wait and a few months back I actually message Jessica Stansbury that day I found out about the conference that I was very excited to see her talk so this has been in my head like brewing like the desire to learn whenever I posted my desire to go Jeremy VES was so kind when I saw that he was gonna give me a ticket to go to this conference I couldn't believe it I'm like and this specific video I had watched of Evan was about people manifesting becoming millionaires and I wanted to be engulfed with knowledge and oh boy was i engulfed with knowledge that was the longest story time ever so let me tell you a little bit about the lessons I take the ways I took from this conference and I'm only gonna give you five I could go on forever if you want to hear more let me know and maybe I'll post another video but for now I'm gonna give you five either not in any particular order shine through Resta individuals that you are that's from Emil and II know her presentation was amazing she has crafted this feel so well I felt like I was the only one in the room and that she was talking directly to me there is not any other person although they had great lessons that made me feel like this it was the only one there that this knowledge was crafted specifically for me take action Sean kennel drilled on to us also that sounds a little harsh but if you watch his YouTube channel which you should he's always talking about how he to take action there's a video a few weeks ago where he said if you watch 10 or 11 videos of mine and haven't recorded anything stop now go record something I laughed so hard how bad do you want it Brian and Johnson left that little seed in my head because I wanted this for a long time I wanted to share my opinion to empower people I tried to empower people at work but why limited well maybe I can empower others another reason that the little fire sparked in my little heart again was when my friend went on a vacation I told me that she was very inspired when I told her I bought a crop top I don't wear crop tops I actually never worked a crop top my book I bought it for my 10th anniversary I went to a late well I didn't wear it when my friend told me how inspiring that was I came to the realization then maybe a few people might be a little bit inspired it doesn't have to be a lot but if you feel better if you feel confident after having a one-on-one chat with me then I'm happy because we built a connection and you realize how it means you truly are you don't have to be fearless to be brave now that's impactful that's from roberto blake he asked if there are some people that hadn't posted i said i hadn't posted because my old videos are three years old so i haven't been consistent and i feel like i'm starting brand new and he asked me what was stopping me i said fear but that's true you know what is completely fearless so you need to have a little bit of fear in yourself but you can't let that stop you or control you it's just there to keep you a little bit safe but don't be afraid to go for what you really want that kind of goes back to what Brian said and then Evan Carmichael really made me love when he talked about his 595 role I was like hmm what does that mean I'm surprised I hadn't heard it before because I watch his videos every day now this man is hardworking he posts three videos a day 595 means that you should spend five percent of your time planning and ninety-five percent of your time doing now that was hilarious to me why because I've been planning I think my ratio would probably be 95 5 I still have a long way to go it's ok we can do it another thing I learned from a lot of different creators was that a lot of them are interpreted I am ensure rooted the conference was two days of speakers and the first day was a little mixer where you get to interact with people register I went I live about an hour away with no traffic I thought Roberto Blake and I thought hmm I'm gonna go talk to him I got my badge and I ran away I mean I didn't literally run away almost but I immediately left the premises I was in my proudest moment but this is really outside of my comfort zone I'm extremely introverted but this was worth it and if you really want something you're gonna do it even if it makes you uncomfortable this made me very uncomfortable but I knew the value in this do I recommend you're going to this heck yeah absolutely I had a great time even though I was in my little corner most of the time well I had different quarters depending on what room I was it the other speakers were also fantastic so if you want to hear about other lessons I learned you know but overall this conference was extremely valuable educational and empowering will I see you there next year I hope I do and if you like this video don't forget to subscribe us you later bye

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