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What sort of Digital Marketing Innovation are you seeing in your industry at the moment? I think the biggest innovation that we see that is growing as well is definitely the rise of Influencer It has completely changed our strategy for marketing and it continues to change constantly and I think as we've discussed before our customer and who retargeting is very much within that digital sphere as well and they know everything about influencers of everything about social media so for us it's really important to make sure that we get this right, and to get it right you constantly have to innovate alongside these influencers so it's making sure that you're getting the right content from them that you're working with the right people and then you're using their content correctly for you and your business as well so if you were to choose a digital channel that you couldn't live without – difficult question – which one would it be? For us it would definitely be Instagram

We couldn't live without Instagram However our biggest audience is actually Facebook but we are doing quite a lot of steps at the moment to try and convert some of our Facebook users onto Instagram We see it's a channel that's growing and we see that that is predominantly where our target market are, are social media-ing, are searching and that the channel that they use the most Facebook we see tracking a little bit older and we're obviously trying to make sure that our laser focus is on their 16 to 24 year olds so it would be hundred-percent Instagram we couldn't live without What is the future of the Shoe Retail Industry what does that look like? well hopefully buoyant and hugely successful but I think that certainly in the sphere that we are in the sort of high street fashion sphere it's so translate so at the moment we are raiding the crest of massive sports we've at the moment so I think for me it'll be interesting to see going forward where that moves away from trains are always cyclical and I have no doubt that Kant this time next year there will not be as many trainers on the high street is that are now so for me it'd be interesting to see what it moves to next are we going to become glamazons or are we going to be grungy again so I think it's really like about the way that fashion moves and what we end up we're doing you

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