Facebook Advertising o Google Adwords?

What is the best platform on which to advertise for your business? Facebook or Google? This is an interesting question and I will make sure that the answer I will provide you in this video gives you a new perspective of reasoning Welcome, welcome, I'm Massimo Cecco, the expert in marketing for experts

Google and Facebook are the 2 largest and most important traffic sources, or 2 tools that allow you to reach your audience, but in a totally different way In the google search engine people do an active search, typing in of the famous google white bar a series of keywords For example, how to play drums, remedies for gastritis, psychologist counseling Milan, etc etc etc At this point, Google provides a series of results Simplifying further, the majority of the results, or sites that google shows, they are part of organic research, or sites that have taken a position in the search for google as relevant with the subject that the browser has searched for

A small part of these results are sponsored ads, or sites that appear because the advertiser has chosen which keywords to display their ad Basically, on google, I decide to show my ad, only when the user actively research There is a problem, I offer a solution Forgive this very simplified explanation, but this is not a course on google Adwords 🙂 On the other side we have facebook, which allows its advertisers to reach another slice of the public, but with a different concept, that is, interests While on google is the browser that actively seeks the solution to his problem, on Facebook I make myself noticed by my audience in a less direct way

Let's take an example even more practical and real Through Cristian Colusso, professional drummer, we offer online drum courses To sponsor us on google, let's show our ad when someone types or search for words like: drum courses, drum lessons, learn how to play the battery On Facebook, however, we make the ad appear to people who are interested in Dave Weckl, or to the Sabian dishes, or to DW batteries, that is, they have an active interest in highly topics related to the instrument in question After this important and really simplified preview, I want to give an answer to this question: today, is it better to use Facebook advertising or google Adwords? I want to answer you 3 ways

First, if you can, use both of them, so that you can follow yours potential customer on both platforms The more you are present in multiple devices and on different platforms, the more you increase it possibility that your potential client will contact you in relation to your competitor Second aspect Never focus on a single traffic strategy, but use multiple traffic strategies Facebook and google advertising are the biggest and most important, followed by Youtube, Instagram, the organic positioning on the engines (ie the SEO)

Third There are services and products that are more suitable to be sponsored on google and others who find more market in Facebook We need to carefully analyze how to intercept your audience and then decide the strategy For this video I stop here I hope you have created a greater awareness of the traffic aspect in you web

If you have not already done so, subscribe to my youtube channel or follow me on Facebook for do not miss the next contents I would be very pleased if you expressed your point of view on the concepts just exposed Leave a comment below this video Always remember that you deserve more

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