Affiliate Marketing: How I Won The ClickFunnels Dream Car In 4 Weeks!

what's going on guys in this video I'm gonna show you exactly how I won the clickfunnels dream car challenge in under four weeks and then I've got 200 members and got to the next level in under two months now apparently this is the fastest time ever according to some people in their group I'm not sure if it's confirmed it but anyhow I'm gonna show you exactly how I got this done and most of it was actually with cold traffic a bit you know I would say 30 percent around about that was worth warm traffic but the rest of it was worth cold traffic so I'm gonna take you through how I did that now if you don't know what the clickfunnels challenge is click Federal's that's a platform I'll show you it right now click funnels is a platform that where you can build sales funnels webinars membership websites all sorts of things right and most businesses nowadays are using funnels or some sort of webinar to sell their programs services applications and as you can see down here this is a legitimate company and what you can do is you can go out and actually promote this company and you get a commission on the trials if they stick you get thirty eight dollars per person and they also have webinars you can promote where you get three hundred and ninety eight dollars per sale commissions as well so that's what I was promoting guys and I'm gonna show you exactly how I did it now the good thing about click funnels is they have lots of tools for you to use but the best thing is you can win payments for a car so if you get a hundred active members they will give you five hundred dollars towards your monthly payments on it on a car that you want or that you already have and if you get two hundred members they give you a thousand dollars towards the car so it's a little bit of a an ascent of to help you promote their product now what I think guys is I've I wanted to I needed to kind of take you through the process of this of how I came about winning this and doing this there's a lot of preparation beforehand but first of all I needed a hook I needed to hook people into my funnel so I could promote this product and I needed to find a solution and then I need to sorry find a problem and then offer a solution and then I also needed to make back enough money to pay for their advertising this was the critical part because essentially want my trials to become free whether it be a week later two months later or three months down the track okay so this is what I needed to do before I went and promoted this product and this is kind of what I came up with so I wanted to find people who do something online and would want to increase sales because first of all they're going to stick to the trails longest possibly for the rest of their lives or as long as their businesses are going and they're high-quality its high-quality traffic so because I'm in the Shopify industry the drop shipping industry and I teach people had a dropship I thought okay I'm going to promote funnels a funnel to Shopify store owners because you can actually share funnels so you can build a funnel inside of click funnels and you can share it with people so this was my hook this was my angle to get people in to my email funnel to advertise this product so I found the problem they want to make more money and then I found a solution which was a funnel and this was the funnel guys so this is actually a base template from somewhere else but I got what my team to edit it and change it around this is actually a product that I made a lot of money back money with last year this is my sales video so this is the first page guys and you go down and they can edit it and they can change quite a lot of stuff on the page and then it goes to an upsell I'm sorry then it goes to the checkout once they check out it actually goes to an upsell where their prospects or customers or whatever can purchase more products or another product from them then it goes so when they click this button a little pop-up comes up and they can check out almost page then it goes to this which is another upsell and they can make money with this as well and the thing is guys for someone that doesn't know anything about funnels making something like this seems impossible that's why I offer it for free if people get on the trial you know I say hey go grab a trial you can trial out this for 14 days if it doesn't work and then you leave and if it does work then it makes you money then of course it's a win-win for you because you make money and it integrates with Shopify so they can still process orders on Shopify like they would normally okay so that's why we do this guy's to give we want to give away something of value and click thumbs is good because you can give away a share funnel and other programs do it as well if you to promote those but I use clickfunnels so guys I had the I found the people yeah add the problem the people they want to make money from their stores more money and offer a solution you know make money everyone our Shopify wants to make more money because they you know advertising is getting more expensive and to make funnels that don't you know guys I have a full team that makes me funnels consistently for my business we edit other funnels that we get shared I have a team building a funnel for me right now now this is the stuff that he's doing so you don't have to actually build funnels yourself you can get funnels booked by someone else and you can share them to people around the internet well that's what I did now before I move on guys a bit of a warning I did this for fun to hit a goal okay I'm in a position to do that I had a lot of advertising money and I was also in a position to do that uh and I'm only just starting to become profitable so what that means is I threw a bunch of money at this stuff I'm only starting to become profitable now I'm actually becoming profitable sooner than I thought I thought was gonna take a few a few months but I am becoming profitable now I'm around at bake breaking around about even and I'm gonna show you how I did it but just a warning you know that you know not everyone can go ahead and do this you you I did have some money I mean you can go and promote click funnels but it might take you a super long time to get to the dream car compared to what I did because I had the money there to hit that goal and get their dream car okay so this is what the guys let's get into the good stuff number one what I did a lot of you guys have probably seen this advert around as well I gave away let me just get a pin up here I gave away my funnel and a Facebook ad and I did do some YouTube ads I gave away my funnel and a Facebook ad and I actually initially gave them five days of free training but I changed that pretty quickly because I needed to make some money on the back hand to pay for a little bit of advertising so what I think guys as I did the I did the advertising and I had a pretty good hook here so are you using funnels in your business yet maybe you don't have a business but want to start one if I was actually advertising to the e-commerce space but I was kind of trying to cater to every other people as well twelve months ago I launched a product online I launched it all wrong kinda I followed the old way of and then they click more and then there was the rest of my copy which was you know I had a lot of copy to show and I actually use different let me just actually get up another ad that I ran so you can see different variations of that actually alright guys actually this was another ad that I ran it's for the same thing this was tailored a little bit differently I showed them some results from one of my Shopify stores and stuff like that and you know 100% free get your e-commerce funnel and all of this here and here went to a page where I collected an email at all I wanted to get was the email so I can then work my magic in the backend now once I got the email like what I was paying for leads didn't really matter I was getting for quite cheap but what I was paying for email didn't really matter because that I was trying to achieve so anyway guys once they went to the page and I got the email they went to another page where I so it said important your your free funnel will be in your email soon but it actually offered them a advanced funnel training program for seventeen dollars now actually quite a few people purchased this and it paid for some of my advertising cost on these ads so I made back a little bit of money here but not much so that that's the Facebook funnel Facebook ad to a opt-in page which is so simple guys you can see it right here this is converting at over 63% people that are in my full air marketing Facebook group have seen the proof and I've actually given away this funnel I actually just got it up to 72 percent two days ago I'm testing but it's fluctuating between kind of 72 and back to 60 my the average opt-in rate for most people is around about 30% I always strive for at least 60% or more because I know I can get it you just need to have your opt-in pages nice and simple so they go to this page guys is a short sales video saying hey you know you could benefit from this from your business and then some people purchase the upsell for 17 dollars but this is the front end let's look at the back end which is a lot more complex and where I actually make a lot of my money okay so we'll get rid of this will clear this out we'll go to the next page this is the Facebook side of things and this could work for Bing ads I read it adds any type of it as you do this is the back end this is where it gets a little bit more complex but this is where the money is made okay so number one guys I sent in the first email straight away in the first email they had a link to the funnel and then first they said hey get your trial first and come back and get the funnel I probably should have done something like contact me for the funnel I once you get the trial that I would have got more trials but then my stick right probably wouldn't have been wouldn't have been as good because I wouldn't have had people that was serious to do this then so I gave them the funnel guys and then I said to them hey jump on my messenger but to get more notifications about more funnels that I give away so quite a large percent percentage of them click that link guys and they went onto my messenger bot which I've done a little a little bit worth but not much yet I'm gonna optimizing and do more and just so currently you guys know that I've got three funnels running right now I've got the two e-commerce ones but I've also got an affiliate one that a lot of you guys have seen as well which brought in quite a lot of trials for me as well but the e-commerce one has bought in the most and then I started doing the affiliate trail a little bit after I actually won the dream curve that kind of boosted me up to the 200 so this was the initial funnel that I've used now I also reminded people that they can get my upsell for $17 the people that purchased went on to a four-day wait block and the emails so they waited there for four days when they went because when they've purchased I know that they're serious they've spent $17 they in the e-commerce space and I don't need to really send them anything else apart from another course so what I did guys is I then did five day course promotion of my own e-commerce course so you can do an affiliate ecommerce course we have an affiliate we have affiliates on mine and then after that five-day promotion I had a four day break this is all in the emails this is running right now people still going through this funnel and then I promoted the funnel hacks webinar where I get commissions of 398 dollars I have sold about six of those I think so far so 398 times six you work that out there's quite a big chunk of money but as you know as you as you can see this it takes a long time so I threw a lot of money at the trials and I didn't see any any money back for a while and now but becoming profitable profitable because the trials starting to stick standard took over people starting to you know stick to the trials so made some money here the people that didn't make a purchase guys I gave them a one-day break then I sent two more emails offering the $17 if they purchased you can track all of this they also went to the five-day while they went to the four-day break and then they went to the five-day course promotion okay nice and simple then the people that did not purchase that the $17 I gave them a three-day break and they sent them some value blog post I think I sent to them this one I sent a YouTube video doesn't have to be your YouTube video you can share YouTube videos the people that did not open these emails I put them aside in another waiting block and then transferred them to another campaign it's called my dead lead campaign they're literally not interested in hearing from me anymore so these people did not open my emails at all I actually sent for value emails first so I sent one of they didn't open I sent another they didn't open it I put them aside then the next day I sent two emails as well if they didn't open it I sent them another one that they didn't open that I put them aside they're clearly not interested in anything that I have to offer anymore the people that opened up the value and clicked I actually sent them to the five-day course promotion as well because what I was offering them value-wise was ecommerce content and Shopify content and stuff like that so I know it seems really complex but it's actually quite simple once you narrow it down well you need to understand as the money is all made in the back end so I'm still making money today from trials that I've got three four weeks ago okay then essentially it's going to pay whether it takes six months ago I don't care if I if I got profitable six months I'm getting profitable and about two and a half months right now but you know if I if it takes me six months to become even it doesn't matter because that's usually most businesses don't make profit back for years they run it a loss for a very long time most businesses so that guys is how I won the dream card challenge something I've just want to do for a super long time do you need to understand that it does take a while to get the money back to pay for the trials so they become essentially free now as always guys you know I give away free content and every single one of my videos if you were about to pick the winner in a second but if you want to get into the next draw in the next video to get into my course and other prizes that I give away on my Instagram story you need to subscribe this hit 300 likes on this video and if you get 300 likes gonna draw two winners on the next one and also comment below dream car okay you do all those three things and you're going to get into the draw there are instructions in the description all right guys I'm back sorry my camera froze and I went ahead a break so I'm back now I get a sore back recording these videos but what we're gonna be doing now is drawing the winners from the last YouTube video if you don't know I do competitions in every single video like we just talked about before and we hit over 300 likes so we're going to be doing two winners in this video now to make it fair I take the ax comic are the the URL from this particular video this was the last video I put into a random comment generator and we go through and it goes through and filters out the comments takes up near duplicates so like me replying to you guys and we're gonna hit start and we're gonna pick two winners from the last video you'll be in the pen to comment and you can go and either get it's about affiliate course on my e-commerce course so Milo's you are winner number one and let's go again pick another winner and let's go again we have two more winners sorry one more winner Lee okay so you two guys or girls have one entrance into my courses so you can either pick the affiliate course or the e-commerce course make sure you comment below on the pin to comment or help me up on one of my emails and I will send you entry to the courses ok or one of those courses now i'm that's if there's for you guys hope you enjoyed it remember to give it a like and a subscribe i appreciate all these support i'm going to be bringing out more videos and i mention here that I have a real banger of a video coming out soon about Clickbank I'm actually gonna give you one of my funnels it's been making me a lot of money so make sure you stay tuned for that and I'll see you in the next video

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