Coach Manny – 3 Tips When Starting A Social Media Marketing Agency

Are you starting your own social media marketing agency? In this video, I want to share with you three tips that have helped me grow my social media marketing agency right out of the gate I'm coach Manny Rodriguez with CatMan Marketing where we're always focused on helping you grow your business using social media

I want to share with you three tips that have helped me grow my social media marketing agency and I hope this helps you Number ONE, Professional Networking was a big part of me something that helped me launch right out of the gate where the company already had clients either through referrals or through the group that I was a part of so professional networking was really really huge and inspirational for me starting You see, I started in professional networking as through another company a company that had nothing to do with marketing but it was business-to-business a part of me my side hustle was always learning marketing so that I can learn how to brand myself Manny Rodriguez you see so I started acquiring all these skills I already been doing some form of marketing online for many years but I never thought about turning it into a business when I started getting results for myself then I started sharing that knowledge with other people in my networking meetings you see little by little others was starting to ask hey will you help me and I that's how exactly how coach Manny Rodriguez the marketing coach I'm also a racquetball coach to about forty kids from elementary to high school seniors and so I'm a coach all the time but the marketing side of coach Manny really evolved thanks to professional networking and you know what the secret sauce was just given just focusing on giving value same thing I'm always talking about on social media right about social media for your business now about giving value I did the exact same thing in professional networking so I was creating relationships I would help people any chance I could someone needed help moving I helped them move someone needed help needed bodies to stand in for whatever reason I was there to help so I was just there to build relationships as up as a marketing coach so even when I speak in when it's time to give my infomercials I don't just I don't just hey this is me and this is what I want give it to me give it to me no I don't try to be a salesperson in my infomercial you know what I do same thing I want to do on my videos I want to give value so I try to provide knowledge about maybe what I believe they should be implementing in their business in social media so I will give you know different things they should think about different tools they should use for keyword finding for production studio different free tools for messenger marketing you know there are always free tools there are things that I believe can help them in their business if they were to use social media so that was really really huge so with Coach Manny a little by little I noticed code clients were willing to do we're willing to pay for more to get more so we implemented in-house marketing so you see I started as a coach a marketing coach helping people with their business to grow their business on social media you see so that was the whole focus when it came to when it came to social media and their business but being a professional networker I wanted to just give value on different tips to help them so that's number one professional networking tip number two don't face your pricing on hours that you work so don't base your pricing on hours that you're instead have your package price so you want to have I would recommend three packages and I would actually recommend like a 995 or $1000 package 995 maybe 2495 will be your second tier package and then your third tier package would be a $5000 package might be forty nine ninety five or something like that I like those type of numbers to end with like 95 or 97 that's just me but have your hours I'm sorry don't have your pricing based on ours because you will put so many hours in it's gonna just be hard to even keep up with that portion but if your business is structured if your agency is structured a little like ours where we have a marketing coach that goes to our clients and see now that is an additional charge and that's gonna be our Lea because we want to use that those funds to pay for the coach that's going and coaching them and we want that to be a really good pain umber one because we see a lot of value and we want someone to be consistent and eager to stick with it so that portion of an agency may be hourly you can include that in yours and include it into 500 extra dollars a month if you were to include that into a package but keep that in mind when you're pricing it do not price it based on hours that someone's working now in your team you're gonna pay hourly but you don't want to charge hourly so that's tip number two do not charge by the hours by the number of hours you're working that's too tip number three this is a big one folks this is a big one tip number three if you're starting your own social media marketing agency be ready to be patient okay do not quit the whole world quit your job quit everything to go all-in unless you have the funding to do it you see here's the secret sauce and this is exactly how I did it as I described with point number one just start somewhere one of the things that I did that really helped me was I would get clients and I would have an introductory price it was really low now use an example of one of my biggest client now it was I was consistent with though I wanted to start with ten clients I wanted to help ten clients me coach mani wanted to help them get results so I was not taking on more than ten clients first as coach mani so I had an introductory price just to hate let me make sure this can work okay and when I started that it was because I already had like two clients before I even quit my job because little by little my side hustles I would have more than just one income but it was surpassing what I was doing in that professional networking that I was talking about so in turn as it was growing I was already helping others and some were paying me but what I did was I had an introductory price I would give so much value I would just get so much value which basically was results and then I would have to do the take away like hey this is not quite worth my time anymore I'm putting a lot of time I need to go focus on making more money here one client was like one client was like we didn't know why you were charged that that's how much results they were again that's how much value they were getting they 10x that income so keep that in mind this is a great way to get out the gate get some money coming in don't take on much expenses you can do this right from your home your focus is to give or get results for clients but what you want to do is you want to get your company in front of others if you're not doing professional networking which was tip number one you can use social media which hey your social media agency right so you should have already acquired some social media skills so having this skill set will help you get this business going but use it as a side income if you have to at the very beginning don't just come out of the gate expect them to shoot to the stars because there's always always going to be this because you run a business after two failed businesses I told myself I would not do this again and I just one add in Vil I didn't want to go commit to working for someone but I needed income right I had to pay bills I just got married things were all happening so fast but I never gave up and I just stay focused on what my goal was so think about that don't expect to come out of the gate and zoom to the top but expect to come out of the gate and work and take action and work on getting clients because clients are where you're going to get money because you can start getting paid right away you can start getting comma cheques in right away first you give value first you give results and if you have to even give it a result on your $25 budget you can do that hey if you're just getting started and you want to learn hey I want to learn the ropes of starting my own so video marketing agency reach out to me you can reach out to me at Manny ma and NY at Catman marketingcom cat man where does cat man come from my wife's name is cat see 80 and I'm Manny ma n cat man Rodriguez so that's what we go by ourselves but as Catman marketing is our social media marketing agency but I'm always coach Manny Rodriguez but I'm not just me anymore we are a bigger company helping our clients so if you're looking to start your own social media marketing agency let's chat let's chat let's get on the phone I'm glad to help you I'm coaching Manny Rodriguez with Catman marketing where we're always focused on helping you grow your business using social media and I'll talk to you again talk to you soon peace you

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