Affiliate Marketing 101: The Basics

Hello everyone, this is Spencer from build up renewer And today we're gonna talk about affiliate marketing now for those of you that don't know affiliate marketing is what I do I am a full-time affiliate marketer It's how I make my entire income

So without affiliate marketing I could not make a living So I promise I do know what I'm talking about So we're gonna break it all down for you here in the next few minutes Stay tuned the very first thing that any affiliate marketer needs and they will probably I'll tell you this is they need to have traffic and I'm Not talking about cars and trucks and motorcycles I'm talking about web traffic, and I'm sure you've heard this phrase before if you started to look into affiliate marketing but what traffic is is it's basically Ways that we get people to come to our affiliate offers? Okay So as an affiliate marketer We're gonna connect with the company and we're gonna try to get people to sign up for that company's service Right, so that company will pay us Well, we need to send people to our offers, you know We need people to click our links and to sign up through our links and the only way to do that is traffic Now a lot of people sit there and say well, how do I get traffic? There's hundreds of ways Look out there on the internet There's social media Facebook Instagram YouTube right now There's email marketing You see people sending all kinds of emails There's people doing SEO write blogs and other things online that you see where people are getting traffic and sending them places The internet is just this vast place where you can send all kinds of traffic through tons of different mediums Really the key to a successful Marketer is picking one and getting good at it Okay, so if you only good on Instagram, that's fine Go get good at Instagram and that can be your traffic source

That's how you send people to your affiliate offers That's the first thing traffic The next thing is sales funnel And this is where so many people miss out They just send link people directly to their affiliate link Okay, so they say hey, here's a cool software Click this link and it sends in there That's great except for now

You've lost that person right there There they click the link They left maybe they sign up Most of them probably won't but it's over for you But what if you could have something that could capture their email address and then send them that offer in between? That means that you can now start emailing them offers all along the way right so for the next year or even five years you can be that person tons of different offers and make a whole lot more money off that person than if you just sent them straight onto the Offer the way you do that is a sales funnel It's a place where you can not only capture an email address, but also send them on to an affiliate offer using your link Okay, if this sounds complicated it's fine We're gonna talk about it more at the end Third thing you need is multiple affiliate products So a lot of people try to just sign up as an affiliate for one company and then just push that over and over again Yeah It could work but it works a whole lot better if you've got 20 products And the reason is that it's just about a one-size-fits-all thing, right? You've got an audience Let's say of 50 people or 5,000 people on Instagram

Well, they're not all gonna need that one software So what if you're an affiliate with 10 20 30 different? Software's or programs that apply to a variety of people for a variety of things They might not sign up for that first one, but you've captured their email So down the road you can send them an email and they're like, oh, I do like that You know this program, right? You know this does appeal to my lifestyle and then you're able to make a Philly didn't come off that person So you need multiple products, you need to be connected to multiple companies which may sound hard But once again, it's not that hard We'll talk about at the end fourth thing is we need a good autoresponder sequence what that really is is that's Emails right we talked about we're going to capture people's emails before we send them off to our affiliate offer But now we need to email them things and this is where people freeze What do I send them? We send them other offers We provide value to them We build a relationship with them so that they like to buy things from us Okay, and to do that, we need a good autoresponder sequence

This is basically a software that sends people emails Automatically so we don't have to sit there and type out emails every day Okay, we can type out a whole big sequence once you know 10 20 40 50 emails long and Then people just get emailed automatically after signing up and you don't have to worry about it, and they'll get marketed to four Three four or five months without you having to work and that's how we get passive income That's how we create this income that just continues to come in whether or not we are working that day Okay So four things traffic a sales funnel that captures their email address then sends them to the affiliate offer multiple products And then we need to have an email autoresponder and any model response sequence that emails out to them now I know you've watched this video and you're like wow Yeah, I kind of get it but not really right I don't know how to do each of those four steps That's fine It's obviously a much harder than just those simple four step But this is where I've created a super cool course It's like seven hours long It's a total immersion in affiliate marketing and before you leave It's free link down below

Also a thing that will shoot up across the screen I think click that you can sign up you just put in your email address create a password and the course is all yours totally for free Not only is it going to show you how to do each one of these but it's going to show you the cool affiliate products that I market that are Incredible not only are they good products, but they ain't most of them have recurring commissions Which means that most of them continue to pay you money as the people pay them money so their monthly softwares if that makes sense Super cool Click link down below Click the link somewhere up here and thanks for watching If you've liked what you've watched click Subscribe before you click the link Thanks You

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