How Do I Succeed With Affiliate Marketing?

Hey guys! What's up?! It's Devyn Howard! I'm here today to tell you how you can get into affiliate marketing, So, I'm gonna get right into it but before I do go ahead and click that SUBSCRIBE button! Alright! So, Affiliate Marketing can be best described as a financial relationship between two partners An advertiser and an affiliate, who both want to earn a profit

The advertisers products or services to sell while the affiliate has the resources and strategies to promote those products or services In return for helping boost sales, the affiliate will receive commission, usually a percentage of the generated sales revenue So, what's the point of Affiliate Marketing ? Advertisers need affiliates to help them connect their offerings to new potential customers Let's say, that a company sells products for increasing muscle mass In order to branch out to a new city or state, the company may work with affiliates that know the local market

The affiliates can connect with local gyms and bodybuilders who may be able to promote products to their customers or followers For example, affiliates allow the company to make additional revenue without any upfront cost They only pay a portion of the sales made Affiliate is a market driven by performance! The company will financially recompense the affiliate based on their performance and sales since e-commerce is a highly competitive market, affiliates providing very few unproductive leads will usually be removed from the affiliate program So

how is performance determined in Affiliate Marketing ? There are numerous software applications available to help companies evaluate the performance of their affiliates Also, search engines like Google have specially designed websites and metrics for monitoring traffic and sales to affiliate sites The most important metrics in the marketing world include: CPA, which is cost per action The main performance-based pricing model used in e-marketing Advertisers pay when a specific action has been completed, like a link has been clicked on or a purchase has been made

But, for example, there's a platform called BUILDERALL ! BUILDERALL sells software to help business owners and people and marketing agencies to build websites and track sales, and automate different functions, like email marketing and social media marketing, and the way it works is if you sign up for BUILDERALL, you can actually sell the software yourself to other business owners and then you'll earn a commission off of that For more information about BUILDERALL, just click the link right down there! You'll get everything that you need to know It's a super interesting website and a super interesting business opportunity, so, if you are wanting to check it out, the links right down there! OK! CPC is cost per click! So, this quantifies the amount of money paid by the advertiser for every click Usually, this method is used when the advertisers plan for a daily budget for their marketing campaign When the budgets limit is reached the ad is no longer shown until the next billing period

Conversion Rate! This measures how well a lead or sale is converted in a desired goal, like purchase of the product, for example The conversion rate is defined as a percentage of the people who visited a website and completed a goal For example, if 100 people clicked on a banner which led them on a sales page but only four people bought the product, the conversion rate would only be 4% Ok! ROI is return on investment! So, this is actually one of the most important metrics used to analyze performance It tells the advertiser whether the affiliate is bringing in profit or not

So, there are three items you need to know to succeed as an affiliate ! Your purpose as an affiliate is to obtain a high conversion rate and maximize the return on investment (the ROI) Online marketing is very intricate and over the years, numerous strategies have been developed In order to succeed with affiliate marketing and actually make a profit, you'll need these three basic things: knowledge, resources and strategies So, I will discuss each of those below All-right, So, knowledge! In order to become an affiliate, you must become educated about the features on e-commerce

So, first of all you must decide what you want to sell and what you will sell Start by determining your niche If you don't know what you want to sell consider doing keyword research for possible ideas to see what ranks high, yet, doesn't have too much competition Ask yourself the following three questions when determining which affiliate is right for you: Who is your targeted customer ? What problem do they have and what solution can you offer them with the product or service ? Where can you find this customer ? Typically, target audience is found on dedicated forums or websites When you'll find where the potential customers congregate, you can start trying to get their attention

And how can you attract them to your sales page? How can you entice them to complete the sale? Resources! E-commerce is extremely complex, which means that only well-organized, resourceful, analytical minds can succeed in the space In order to create a winning affiliate program, you'll need to have in-depth knowledge of modern marketing software programs So, like BUILDERALL, the program that I mentioned before If you're interested again and learning about that, go ahead and click that link below! You'll also want to know about website development languages and image / video editors Unless you intend to become a one-man army, you'll need a team composed of content writers – who will create the text for articles, blog posts, website content and email marketing letters used to promote what you sell; Programmers – who will build sales websites, monitor databases, add plugins, check for broken links and so on

And designers – who will create images and animated videos that will help your audience connect with your brand So, different strategies! In order to generate traffic and increase conversion rates, specific marketing strategies must be implemented These include: high-quality SEO optimized content Search engine optimization, otherwise, known as SEO, will help you find online users and lead them to your site Social media advertising! Nobody can deny the overwhelming power of social media platforms like Facebook

Promoting products on social media is a trend that's predicted to last Creating social media accounts and communicating with customers to alert them about new products or services sales and other news can really go a long way in creating a loyal customer base ads for mobile devices neglecting this huge potential client sector is a critical mistake as many people only use mobile devices to browse online with billions of people using smartphones creating optimized ads for this channel is definitely a must monitoring trends keeping an eye out for trends should be a top priority for anyone trying to beat the competition keep up with Google Trends to identify them and implement strategies to outshine your competitors even if you don't make or sell the offerings you need to understand that being an affiliate can be a full-time job you need to find your target audience lead them to your site and complete the sale in order to make money all right thank you guys so much for watching I hope you learned everything that you need to know about getting started with affiliate marketing if you're interested in exploring an opportunity with builder exploring an opportunity with BUILDERALL program I told you about earlier in this video again that link is right down there and don't forget to subscribe I'll be back again with some more money-saving and Bank growing tips just for you See you guys next time!

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