Goal & Market Channel | Digital Marketing 101 EP2

Okay guys, in this second time, there are several things! So, in the first episode last time, I already asked youto fill in what your business is, etc

One thing that you must pay attention is,when you fill in the "unique way!" The "unique way" in the first episode last time,many of you who were incorrect! So, "unique way" is not how to talk to the customers! What I meant with "unique way," is What differs your product with others already in the market

The others ones?! So that your product becomes more unique! Because if you sell a totally similar product as others do,it's called "commodity!" We're returning back! No need business idea, then! It's called "copying!" Okay?! So, what business idea means is,

You have something unique that differs your product, Your service, Your offer, With other people! That's what must be searched for! So, for those of you who were still incorrect , please be corrected! "Unique way" is not how to "educate!" Not also how to "talk to!" But more to what the uniqueness of your product or your service is! Okay, very well! In this second episode, we're about to discuss about 3 things! The first is, how much do you dream of? How much (gross) revenue do you want? Per annum?! You must write it down there! Okay?! So, Since the way to gain (gross) revenue Rp

10 millionwith Rp100 millions, are much different! Ways to gain Rp100 million with Rp1 billion are also so different! Rp

1 billion with Rp100 are totally much more different! Okay?! So, determine it first, what do you wantexactly, from your business! You wanna gain How much is your dream? Write it down on the comment, okay?! Don't forget, okay?! Number 1, "How much do you wanna gain from?" Per annum! Let's not talk about "net profit" and so on! Just focus on "revenue!" "(Gross) revenue!" How much (gross) revenue do you want, okay?! The second is, Whether your business you wrote in the first episode yesterday,can help you to reach your goal just now? Does "the market" exist? Sometimes, we think over it, right?! We'd like to have Rp100 billion! Why not?! Rp200 billion! But "the market" doesn't exist, like that! If the market doesn't exist, no matter how hard you push,well, the market doesn't exist

It's not that big! Perhaps you can add the market outside of Indonesia, for example! Okay, it's like expand to overseas, or some other! Probably you can, okay?! But, now, you think about it first! How much do you want?! Basically, the business that you're running about now, That you're thinking last time, That you wrote in the first episode,

Can help you to reach your goal just now? That was 2, you may write it down on the comment, okay?! The 3 is, how can you reach to your market? Where are the channels? Do you have to walk one at a time? Door to door? Knocking the doors? Or, can you do it online? "Get online" is not a must here! It's free! Whatever it is! So, you can just write "I want to reach out people who may have to be visited," like that! No problem! Okay?! Since we're still brainstorming here! Personally, I'd prefer the online ones, actually! If that means that I can use the computer like this, And I can reach them! I can communicate with you like this! On Youtube like this! I'd prefer that way, actually! I'm personally! But, in this context, In this learning process, Just write down everything! So, you can reach your market through what channels? Whether through conventional distirbution channels? Whether through "retails," for instance! Whether through "Indomaret," for instance, if conventionally! Or, "Carrefour,"

Or, Mall, Or, whatever! Or, "online!" If "online," how can you reach it? Whether through "Instagram," for instance? Or, through "Facebook?" Or, through "Google?" Or, even none of the above all?! But through "Kaskus," for example?! Or, through "Portal,"

The readers of "Detikcom,"

"Kompascom," etc! What channels can you use to reach and communicate with them? What's the point? The point is so you can offer them your products! Okay?! So, that's all for now! Do working on the task in this video! Number 1, 2, and 3! After you finish filling it out, We'll continue it later in the next video! Okay?! Thank you so much, guys! See you guys in the next video, okay?! Bye, bye!

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