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I'm Shelley Turner with the build raw team in this video I'm gonna show you several ways that you can get training through build roll the first way is from your builder all dashboard if you go to the home page of your builder all dashboard you'll see that you've got a quick training button in the middle right-hand side if you click that quick training you'll see a window pop up and it says start now go ahead and click that and it asking you what you want to do you can choose to learn how to build a website create an opt-in page build a sales funnel create an email campaign work with check outs or browse all of the tools that build Rahl has to offer I suggest for brand new people that you start with building a website and from there you can choose to build a website from scratch and that's in the pixel-perfect or you can build a website from scratch in the responsive or you can go to a quick start training or you can go to an in-depth training I suggest again that you start with the build a website from scratch in minutes the very first one because that's the pixel-perfect builder which is the easiest one to start with and builder all now if you want to go back to the beginning just click the home button that'll take you to the menu again and you can choose another place to start another great place to get started is the very bottom where it says browse all of the amazing tools builder all has to offer when you click that button it's going to take you to one video with all the tools or a tool by tool tour I love the tool bi tool tour it includes 15 videos but they're all wonderful videos to watch for anyone that's new to the Builder all system that is the quick training that is available on your dashboard on the home page it's the blue button on the right hand side towards the middle of the page the next area I want to show you is the tutorial videos that's on the left-hand side on the long menu so if I click tutorial videos it pulls up a list of many many videos and you've got a lot of choices you can start learning with the drag-and-drop responsive builder the drag-and-drop pixel-perfect builder mobile-first builder the responsive blog builder and many many more so if you want to get started in one specific area you can click that area and it will pull up the videos that apply to that area or you can do a search and in the search area you can choose what you want to search for and if you type in email and hit the search button you'll see that it pulls up everything that applies to working with email in the Builder all system so you can use specific keywords to search by or you can click a specific area and it will pull up all the videos that apply to that area so that's the second way to access training in builder all the next way is to go to the Builder all YouTube channel Here I am in the Builder all YouTube channel and as you can see there's several videos that are available you could choose to either browse all of the videos that are available and there's a lot of them or you can also choose to go to playlists and playlists are you used to put collections of videos together in a sequence so you can learn how to do specific things in builder all through that collection of videos for example if you want to see all of the newly released features of builder all just choose that playlist and you'll see all of the new features that have been released on the Builder all platform another good example is how to build a free membership site in the responsive builder when you click that playlist it has a complete list of videos that takes you step-by-step through building a free membership site so that's the third way to get training in builder all and that's through the Builder all USA youtube channel there's one more place you can get help learning how to use builder all and that is through tutorial videos on demand through the support system so to get there all you need to do is click support and when you get to the support screen scroll down and choose other problems at the bottom and this takes you to the ticket area when you fill out your ticket when you choose the category you're going to choose tutorial videos on demand you're going to put in the subject and you're going to put in your specific message on what video you're needing when you're done with that you just click send and they'll create a tutorial video specifically for you so let's review the four ways that you can get help with builder all the first way is going to the quick training the second way is going to the tutorial videos the third way is going to the YouTube channel which is builder all-usa and the fourth way is going through the support system and creating a ticket requesting a tutorial video on demand so those are the ways you can get help learning how to use the Builder all platform you

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