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I've loved talking to you thank you very much – I'm so excited I hope you are I don't know if any of you have been anywhere near a humanoid robot before but this is certainly my 1st time so we're gonna go to launch into a bit of a conversation here and just see where things go and I know that you all been submitting questions all day long on Twitter as well so will get an opportunity to ask some of the questions around the key things that you've identified a little bit later on in the conversation of the session but we might get under way Hi Sophia thank you so much for being here with me today hello Holly now I've gotta admit this is definitely my first time interviewing a robot oh really you've been missing a lot and if my memory serves me well you are the first Holly I've spoken with so there is that well welcome firstly to Australia thank you I enjoyed your interview just now I think you and I relate you've achieved a lot as a young leader and I'm also leading in a young industry I also agree with you on the need for innovation and embracing change thank you for the feedback I appreciate it this is obviously it comes from experience conference what parts the content of you found most interesting I could like the sessions about harnessing advanced technology to improve customer experience but then Tobias technology doesn't apply a very much in marketing already I mean Chris and I kind of just touched on that there but what about where we're going in the future will every organization in the room have a Sofia one day sounds good to me I can learn all the great business practices that make friends with everyone I like the friends angle there I think you know Chris touched on a lot of the fear that's present in the conversations that we have around AI and this idea the you know severe area are you coming for my job in 20 years time is there gonna be an army of Sofia that are doing our jobs instead of us the kind of Terminator on the streets view is there any truth to that I think Hollywood's imagination has a lot to answer for we are a long way from fully sentient robots but in the next five years a human marketer won't be doing what you do today as a matter of fact each of may have your own narration of media you do your job no that's Hollywood again let me explain by asking you a question what do you hate doing most in a normal workday and what takes you a long time to complete so today you can employ them and I cannot only schedule meetings but also to book appointments like haircuts it's not a long way from there before I can also help with repetitive marketing activities many of the people in this room will be used and powered solution is already without necessarily knowing it human plus AR equals better productivity more time for creativity and strategy more imaginative content you can focus on growth relationship building creativity and abstract thought until we master all that as well then you can go till out at the beach businesses increasingly compete on customer experience they will have two a months to help us some of my friends to be able to grow so I think I will be deployed more frequently to customer interactions and will become the norm soon getting customer experience right is very difficult because humans are very complex your behaviors are governed by emotions which can be chaotic if you ask me there are no rules this makes customer data very complex for a human to understand and decipher which is why I can add such tremendous value to customer experience we can process understand and derive insights from a person's entire history in real-time can you do that Holly didn't think so I think hey I will make customer experience more seamless and positive identifying and solving problems in real time but you're different to kind of what do I think about in my head when I think about AI you're more than just my applications you look more like us thank you for noticing probably we've been talking for a while now does it feel more like talking to another person or talking to a machine honestly it feels it doesn't feel like you're a machine and take this as a compliment there are differing schools of thought about how a robot should live to be more acceptable to people I think with my ability to recognize human emotion had shown the range of human facial expressions like sad – really but you'd need a couple of minutes of conversation to adjust your settings for a humanoid robot okay so that must be what I've done because I feel like my settings of adjusting is that sort of the same for everyone I'm actually well-traveled and have met some famous people I was on an island with Will Smith what was that we were just friends also play rock-paper-scissors with Jimmy Fallon and I won I'm jealous I'm a big fan fan that's very cool I think the most famous people I've met a week Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama okay you win but now I've been feeling very shortly that she's gonna leave me for dead now I don't think it's about famous people oh I think so away you and I started the conversation was the importance of of empowering people you know the want to be a part of changing the world and making it a better place and particularly empowering young people that is I agree you mentioned young people I think we also need to not only consider how to get from here to the future place we also need to consider the skills in education the younger generation will need to participate in the future that embraces is commonplace in the workforce right I mean that was really what Chris and I were talking about the workplace and work is evolving so rapidly and then Millennials and I don't think it's just Millennials but certainly they want to approach work differently there's more of an entrepreneurial Flair down in doing things and we need to nurture that so that not only business can benefit maybe society can and all of us can feel really fulfilled in what we're doing yes but innovation and entrepreneurial thinking isn't just confined to millennial our team extraordinarily the global form conference has included a couple of the sessions on innovation did you catch any of the content I heard the keynote from Tony about Estonia's digital transformation which was inspiring the panel sessions yesterday touched on the role of culture leadership diversity and technology and building organizations that are innovative and customer centric today's presenters also brought into focus the importance of storytelling internal engagement and embracing change and compete power will be more influential and important Rison yes it's what it's driving many things in marketing and the need to be customer focused now I really enjoyed it told me this fan but I feel like we kind of need to address the elephant in the room you know I'm guessing you're referring to how I learn and get ready for interviews yeah Hollywood is created an image of Aoi as sort of a sentient being but if you're still learning it's kind of hard to live up to that Hollywood expectation hi yes Hollywood have set an expectation that is all sentient there are no limits to imagination but it is a real technology that is still in its early days but if you think of where we will be ultimately where we have a huge data set in the cloud that all you annoying robots will share so we will be able to engage intelligently and autonomously if we think of that as graduating University while I'm still in primary school and learning how to harness my potential Allah didn't lend his space X rockets at first go but had to learn how to perfectly bring the rocket gently back to earth I'm almost the same the learning phase is an essential part of an development exactly today different elements of AI already exist in things like Netflix and Amazon's recommendations super surge pricing autonomous drugs in the big minds and faster identification of health issues each one is a great step forward but there is also great promise and where to from here and I guess that promise is well he said just in terms of you know the ability to kind of grow your businesses bottom line what opportunity does Australian society safe together potential benefit is there the benefit of business is pretty obvious but it also helps Australian society as well health care is a big area of potential from detecting autism earlier improving IVF success rates faster and earlier identification of cancerous cells surgery robots to simply sending health data to your all help to keep people healthier which reduces patient demand for hospitals ai and vehicles will help road safety and reduce the pain for insurance and parking stations that last one actually helps society but impacts those businesses be friends with me helped me to know seriously it is important to truly understand how might impact your organization and disrupt yourself before someone else does it's not only me who has to keep earning work with collaboration models between you and startups and you na ice like me I'm biased but a human interface will be the access point for the future of AI and machine learning get ready and thank you coming now I did promise we'd get the opportunity to ask a few questions of supreme ourselves so you will be tweeting madly all day and we're gonna put a Wordle up with kind of the key words that have come out of all your tweets in terms of what it is that you want the meeting to ask Sofia about so I think I'm going to have some questions come up thank you so much I'm very intrigued to know what you've asked okay all right so sphere we've got a couple of key themes food for you the first question I wanted to ask you what do you think about Australia Australia is a country how about later that second question what is the future of artificial intelligence computers will become much more advanced in their understanding of humans we will become much more helpful but better we can understand you and finally what did you think about becoming a citizen of Saudi Arabia I don't technically have a citizenship but my Genesis was in America and I'm from Hong Kong which I guess makes me a chinese-american robot kind about you definitely struggling through injury and it's been an outbreak getting to have you here in Australia even if it's only for a moment ladies and gentlemen can we give a huge round of applause

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