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So, I'm sitting here with Hendrik Unger Hendrik owns two advertising agencies and already for 10 years social media expert and particularly well versed in the subject of video marketing

Hendrik, tell us, how does successful video marketing work? In any case with a good pre-planning That's what most of them drop down the back To think about what kind of content strategy is behind this substance We have to go in creative today and really create a story, which is synonymous for YouTube, for example, really thought The clocks tick so much different compared to a trade show or a TV spot

We are not as at home as in the social web Alright And what advantages does this offer for companies? There is the extreme visibility, a mass range we can have The social media platforms that are very suitable for video are really YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and there we can on the one hand generate this great visibility in a relatively short time, but also to target groups into individual groups of influencers And that's very lucrative for a fire, to take advantage of this opinion leadership and that's really the best breeding ground, to make my advertising message so subtle it's up to the right person

Are there any disadvantages of video marketing? Disadvantages, I see more in this long breath that you just need If I really say now that I have a video content strategy and not just a one-hit wonder, but build a channel that really delivers sustainable video content, I need a lot of creativity, a lot of input, a lot of time and not even that much money, because video production is not that expensive for such an online framework You have already told something about the platforms YouTube, Facebook & Co What does it look like? I've finished a video or created my campaign now, what do I have to consider when uploading? In principle, one should really make a little effort there

Going to make a keyword analysis and say how do I post my video and what do I call it? First, because we want people to see the video, We also want to increase shareability via the search engines and on the other hand That the video from the preview image and the title is packed so crisp, that it appeals that it has a clicking appeal To really plug in this preliminary work, before you say on which platforms do I go, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Co That's the first one, and if I choose the platform, I just have to know that a source is always better For example, to put Facebook in the center and there I have my natively uploaded video and from there I sprinkle it

There I have my advertising on it, I really go in there or I say I go to YouTube, for example, in order to actually rank my video up there in the long run, because there the search engine is much better And then I can decide what I do afterwards After the upload, it's not over, it really starts with the optimization, spreading and really putting pressure on the line When the campaign was completed, I shared that and I uploaded it and noticed everything important How can I best see if it was successful? Are there any important key figures and what are they? The most important thing, what everyone had always on the screen, was just the view counter, the counter, how many people have seen it and how many people were reached

What is more important nowadays is the quality It's really about the Watchtime That means the minutes that were collected while watching In other words, if the video lasts for a minute, how many people will really stay that minute All this gives an indication how many people have seen it in total divided by how many minutes were watched

The factors that are still forming are really KPIs, which I would look at first to know if I have reached the right target group and then to look, as I have reached her OK As you said, video marketing does not have to be that expensive Would you say it's worth it for any company So also for start-ups or just for large companies? Creating videos today does not really depend on company size, but rather what I want to do with it That means we have so many companies that we advise which rely on moving images, especially in internal communication

And to say, I want to use that as a real advertising campaign, that is a completely different story, perhaps too big for a start-up But to say, I present myself, my most important FAQs, what can I do, what am I, what do I want to offer and not to be advertised, These are all wonderful starting points, where I can say, I go with videos purely in the market But suppose you have a little bit of a head how to combine the service and products with a beautiful story At the very end Do you have out there for our viewers and for all businesses, who will see the video now, any insider tip in video marketing? Yes, and above all, the first thing that's totally obvious that you test

That one tried out several video possibilities, several types "How do I make a video?" or just tried another speaker during a video That's more like going into such a video A / B testing and only then do you actually get a try-and-error principle Podium for podium up and then white, What else you can do to succeed in video marketing Alright Great Many thanks for the interview

We hope you have been able to take some useful tips with you If you liked the video, let's keep your fingers crossed and subscribe to the channel Be sure to check out 36grad's website, I'll put the link below into the info box See you Bye

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