Builderall Tutorial 47 – How to add an additional email in an email sequence

I'm Shelley Turner with the Builder all team in this video we're going to learn how to add an additional email campaign into an existing email sequence so as you can see I'm logged in to my mailing bus dashboard and I'm going to go to the top menu and I'm going to click campaigns and then I'm going to click email sequence this screen gives me all of my email sequences that I currently have and I'm going to choose to edit Shelley's first email sequence I'm going to go all the way to the right and I'm going to choose the gear that says sequence campaigns that gives me all of the emails that are currently available in this sequence and remember we're wanting to add an email campaign into this sequence so all I do is click Add email and it's going to add a brand new email into the sequence right here is the new one you can see that it hasn't been officially named yet so I'm going to click on that to activate it and right here you can see I'm in that fourth email and I'm gonna go ahead and rename the campaign name I've renamed it fourth email and this is going to be delivered on the 6th day now I'm going to change the subject and I changed the subject name to lesson 4 of your email course now I'm going to scroll down and I'm going to edit my email and I've made a few changes to the content of my email including I added a few pictures and some additional content so now I need to make sure that I have my email set on a specific day that I want it to send so I'm going to click 0 days and I'm going to choose to send this one after the subscriber is added to the subscriber list and I'm going to send it on day 6 and then I'm going to click Save Changes and now I've got my fourth email going out on the 6th day after the individual subscribes to our subscriber list and now I need to make sure to click activate so now I have four emails in the sequence each one is going out on a specific day and each one is activated if I wanted any of these emails to stop sending all I'd have to do is click the pause button and it would no longer sin to the subscriber list so now that I've added my email campaign I've set the day that it's going to go out and I've activated I'm gonna go ahead and scroll down and click done and now I've got a summary of my email sequence and you can see that the fourth email has been added along with the exact day that it's going to go out after the user subscribes this email has also been activated and it'll give me some general analytics which of course are at zero because we haven't sent any emails out yet and don't forget we've got some general analytics of our subscriber list as well now if there was anything else that we needed to edit on this email sequence all I'd have to do is go up to this button on the top left hand side that says edit this sequence I don't need to edit anything so I'm going to click the blue button on the right-hand side that says dashboard and this will take me back to the main dashboard in mailing boss that's how you add a new email campaign into an existing email sequence in mailing boss you

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