Email Ramp Demo – How Email Ramp Works

Email Ramp Demo – How Email Ramp Works Hey, this is Neil Napier and welcome to email ramp in this video I'll show you exactly how you can access all the emails are available to you and use them in your business So the very first thing you need to do and this is quite straightforward is simply click on select niche But before you do that You can see already how many emails you have available? How many emails you have saved? And if that's all you've integrated and the autoresponders, and if you need help, you can just click here to contact support So just go ahead and select niche And right now we have nine niches available If you need more at it, you can just get in touch with us and we can see what we can do about that When I go in I can choose one of these markets

So let's say I'll go for weight loss in this case And when I go for weight loss there are different kinds of emails that are available for you so there's list metric the email that you can use when your friend value your subscribers this pre-launch and product launch campaigns their storytelling emails that you can use to engage and get your Subscribers to buy your product or services you've got reengagement campaigns which are really good for inactive subscribers To get them to start opening again reading and taking action with your emails Then you've got the scalp and time limited offers as well as emotional selling emails which are really useful when you're targeting a market, which is more emotion driven, so I'm gonna show you emotional selling in this case because as you know, The weight loss market is very much emotion driven So you've got different kinds of email sequences here many of them in this case are single emails so if you just want to use one of these emails to rebuild connection with your audience you can but if you want to Give them an entire Autoresponder sequence or when they opt into a gift or when they buy something? From you and you want to emotionally lead them to a better place and eventually to give you more money Then you can use something like this So I'm gonna go in and click view here When I do you'll see that the story topic is her story will make you cry Just an emotional email that promotes a fitness and weight loss product However, you can swipe it for any type of emotional angle and email offer you want to write so that's the first name This is a second email This is an email and each email photos from the last one They are fully editable so as you can see over here, I can change anything that I want over here and when I'm happy with it I can copy the entire thing and put it in my also respond and I can save my update as well So all these emails get saved for me and that's where the safe email option you saw earlier appears and as you keep going down you can see all these different emails are Available for you as well when you're happy with it Just saving close and these emails will be available for you in future Let's go back to that board and I'll show you what this looks like now I have eleven saved emails because I saved this one Well, it's an entire sequence Actually that I saved in this case when I go back to saved emails

Let's go to view on emails All these emails are available for me to use again I can go back in view them edit them Delete them as well If I don't want of course our templates stay but any changes that you might have made go away So let's go back to select Mitch as I mentioned There are many different ones I'll go to internet marketing for example, and I'll go to reengagement And you can see we have reengagement sequence as well The first email saying is everything ok with you And then again we engaging them from there on to get them to Interact with you, so this is email ramp and as I mentioned with the license that you can purchase you get access to 999 250 emails the upgrade options available as well that you can check out lately if you have

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