Hotel Pay Per Click Advertising – Stop Wastage with Negative Keywords

Adam Hamadache here from direct hotel marketing this video is all about negative keywords so when you set up Google AdWords campaigns to drive traffic whether it be for accommodation or for you maybe weddings or funerals wakes those sorts of things there are such things as negative keywords so let's take for example if you're a luxury hotel in Surrey and you're looking to target wedding related keywords so for example "wedding venues Surrey" will be sort of a keyword or a phrase that you would be bidding on now if you are particularly luxury hotel then you want to avoid the likes of the word 'cheap' or 'budget' so when somebody searches for 'cheap wedding venues Surrey' you don't want to be turning up because otherwise it's wasted clicks so what we say is that the word cheap in this instance in this example or budget is actually a negative keyword that you want to basically ensure that you don't bid on so negative keywords is a really really important factor in reducing wastage so if you take your budget every single month within your various at AdWords campaigns and you're not removing on a regular basis that the keywords that you deem negative that you deem irrelevant or you know wasted clicks to your campaigns and effectively your campaign won't improve vast amounts and inevitably you'll end up basically wasting your money on a regular basis so more information to be found out at my blog so if you click on this link below you'll be able to find a little bit more information about how negative keywords work and how you can get them working in your hotel so you don't have to pay so much money to Adwords and fundamentally waste much money AdWords I saw for now speak soon

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