How to Use SEMrush to Do Competitive Paid Advertising Research

– Hey everyone, Jason Case here with another video, and today I want to discuss how to use SEMrush to do competitive paid advertising research So our overall goal here is to discover opportunities by identifying your competitors' weaknesses, and then creating an actionable plan from these insights

So that's what we're going to talk about in today's video So first, you want to go to SEMrush, then enter the domain of your competitor, the main top bar Now, if you don't know who your competitors are, the best way to start doing this research is just start going to Google and typing in some keywords in your industry, and find out who's running paid ads for this, and then take their domains and enter them here in SEMrush And this will start generating some ideas After you do this, you want to navigate to the section that says top paid keywords, and then click view full report

What this will do is bring up all the keywords that they're paying for in the paid advertising campaigns So right here you can also in this section, we're on the left-hand side, I just noticed that I didn't mention this here, you can also see the ad copies that they're running for these different keywords Once you get into this section, document the keywords they're targeting And you can also click on these keywords to document the cost per click that they are roughly paying for these keywords So what you want to do here is identify the keywords that they're targeting, document these in a Google spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet, and you can take notes on, or screenshots of their ad copiy that they're using

Now, I'm not saying that you want to copy this, what you're trying to do is identify weaknesses in their copy And then analyze their landing pages So next to each of the keywords, you have links to the landing pages that they're using for these keywords So what you want to do is go look at these landing pages Are they optimized well? If not, there is huge potential here to beat them out

What can you do differently? Start documenting these notes in an Excel or Google spreadsheet as well Once you enter the domain there, SEMrush should give you some other competitors that are also going after these keywords so this will give you some other ideas to start analyzing other competition as well And document these competitors too Are they running display ads? Over in the left-hand menu, you'll see a spot that says Display Advertising Click on that, and you'll see any display ads that they're running

So if they're running retargeting ads possibly Take screenshots of these and document notes on this So what you want to do is get a helicopter view of what your competitors are doing and what type of paid advertising campaigns they are running, what type of keywords they're going after, and find weak spots And then come up with strategies and creating an actionable plan from these insights to run some ads but a better approach, better landing pages, better copy, and so forth Better retargeting campaigns

Maybe they're not running retargeting, so this will help So either way, that's it for today's video Hopefully you guys find this information helpful, and if you need help with any of this, please let me know Otherwise, take care and we'll talk tomorrow

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