BlackDoors hiring Digital Marketing Executive on CANOPY

– Hi, good morning I'm at the Blackdoors office, I'm here with Jonny Haynes who is the senior marketing manager so thank you so much for joining us today

– No problem, no problem – Can you tell us a little bit about your background, and your role here in the team? – Yeah, of course, I'm from the marketing department, a few different angles, obviously We're trying to target travelers who are bored of the hotel environment, who are looking for a more authentic travel experience They can live like a local, the homes and listings that we offer, obviously, vary in size from individual travelers all the way up to group travel, something that a hotel can't replicate So you have maybe multiple rooms, you've got a common space, which really makes it more of a home, and you enjoy your trip as a group

Or if you're a single traveler, you want to do a bit of urban discovery, you can be in the middle of a certain district or a neighborhood that you like, so unlike a hotel where you're just maybe on the outskirts, you can actually live like a local and experience it – Yeah, it seems to be very important for the generations today to get more of the experience – Yeah, definitely trying to– from exploring cities, even to get a real, true feel of the place so it enables that kind of authenticity and better hotel stay, or staying a bit outside We've got a nice thing at Soho, Sheung Wan, TST, really just kind of living in the middle of them all, whether it be restaurants, tourist things that you want to do, night lives, business Without losing any of the hospitality as well

– Yeah, excellent And so I know you're expanding your team Can you tell us about what you're looking for and also, what are the attributes that you're looking? – Yeah, of course We're looking for a passionate candidate, a lot of our acquisition is online this minute, advertising, so someone with bit of passion for the digital side, creating awesome content to try and, obviously, reach out to our target market and audience, provide informative content, and for something different, a bit different from the usual, hotel side of things, really show off each city you'd be watching as well, to be local experts – Excellent I mean I'd imagine a better job where you get to be involved in things that are, that you would probably enjoy the travel industry

– Yeah, for sure – And helping other people to enjoy the experience – And share your passions as well because I have a huge passion for travel I supposed everyone who's brought on here has always shown a passion for their home towns or home cities, so we hope to replicate that as we expand as well – Excellent And how would you describe what it's like to work here, the culture? – The culture Well, I've worked in a start-up environment before, and this is the first time everything has kind of– this is the head office, so everything, every department is here, decisions can be made quickly, talking to your teammates, it's a really young, fun office

As you can see, it's very open plan, easy to communicate, easy to work together, so I have fun I quite like it – Okay, great Well I really appreciate you talking to us, and thank you Awesome

– Yeah, thank you very much I enjoyed it

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