How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Brand – Social Media Minute

Hi, I'm Jan Rezab this is Social Media Minute A big question that brands and marketers are asking themselves these days is how to find the best Instagram influencers for my brand

This is a question we're all facing If you're in GO, you can go and try to work with mass influencers but if you're doing a regional or global campaign, this might get harder Obviously, many of these Instagram influencers have their own interest, they express this interest in various ways They put a lot of hashtags to contextualize and for you to analyze a regional market, there are 500 to 1,000 decently sized influencers on your market, there are obviously tens of thousands of the ones around ten thousand If you really wanna go ahead segment all of those and be a superhero and know all of them by name, then great

If you don't have that skill, then you probably need a tool At Socialbakers, we've developed something we think is amazing You can check out a certain interest in a certain geo and understand that in a region, for example Germany, you wanna look at the top influencers around a certain interest You can search them out and then you can look at different hashtags that these guys use, you can even search and filter these hashtags You can see that they've supported a hashtag campaign of a competitor or of a nearby industry

If you're working in fashion, you might be interested in the beauty industry This is a very unique way and it's so far the only tool in the world where you can search influencers at that scale Of course, maybe your brand decides to work with one big influencer and maybe you might get Pewdiepie as your best influencer, the number one YouTuber But if you're not going after that strategy, I personally wouldn't recommend going after one major YouTuber alone I think a combination of using a couple of mid to big size influencers and a pretty big long-tail of micro-influencers, whether they've five, ten thousand followers, I personally like the ones with 10-15 thousand followers and pretty active profiles

This is getting harder and harder for both the agency and brand to manage To figure out "How do I find these?" This is almost impossible to find when you're doing a multi-regional campaign, to find this manually The tool that Socialbakers have built helps both the agency and the brand to figure out how to work, how to find, how to operate in the influencer space and the complexity is getting insane It's getting harder and harder every day We're gonna do lots of videos on examples of how companies have used influencer marketing

If you think you have a good influencer marketing story, comment, reply, direct message us with those We're definitely gonna do a video on them so please, help us out Keep watching us and subscribe to our channel See you next Monday

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