3 Types Of Social Media Posts Examples – Social Media Marketing Tips

Hey Welcome to the live stream if you're watching hopefully some people will jump on this video today I want to talk to you guys about three social media posts that You might want to consider or you may already be doing Mentor of mine had told me about this and actually I've been doing this but didn't realize that this is something people should know about Three types of posts There's actually a lot of different kinds of posts, but these are three that I want you to be just Focused on or maybe aware of number one is the on rate, you know radar people put it being Posts at our GPO on top of mine

So that would be like a post that is maybe a quote or something inspiring a meme Something that keeps you on top of mine It doesn't really have anything to do with your business, or maybe it does or maybe it's something funny about your industry I post a lot of pictures of my little girl, which keeps me on top of mine and then There's also the click for more information type of post So those are going to be Those are gonna be like clicks to your blog so or an affiliate link Maybe a lot of the videos that I do in on this channel Are tutorial videos and I always tell people to you know, I share with people some really cool tips and tools and resources If you want to check out some of my resources You can go to my resources page and I'll put it in the card here or the link below here tsehai a buck alia So one of the lis, that's so number two So number one will recap the first type of posts are the keeping you on the on radar keeping you on the radar keeping you In front or keeping you and on top of mind, right? Those are just like fun cute pose inspiring engaging means short videos or posts things like that number two is Your click to click for more information type of post so it might be a post saying hey here I just wrote a new blog post about XYZ You know get more information if you ever you're Interested in knowing more about how to live stream how to get more Leads and sales I just wrote a new post about a certain strategy Things like that's something that's going to lead people into Action to click write so it could be an affiliate link It could be a link to a blog post It could be a link to your freebie offer I do have a free course that's below this video as well the bonus affiliate method or You could go to WWF foliot method comm So I'm just like hanging out with the baby and we've been reading books So I'm just like relaxing here So number four or sorry number three the last last thing here that I wanted to share you is the third type of social media post is Getting really vulnerable with people, you know, really sharing a story something that gets you close to Or helps you humanize yourself And gives you closer to your your prospects Hopefully you guys can hear me I have my mic I have it I bought a new mic That I'll be getting soon But as you can see, I am a mom preneur

I've been online for about ten years doing social media marketing for real estate agents entrepreneurs professionals people from all types of businesses and I'm just really passionate about this stuff and I really like Love helping people make more income So more leads and sales doing what they love to do and So that I can spend more time with this talkative mama And read books with her and do all kinds of fun stuff We live closer the beach now and I'm just enjoying this time So those are the three types of posts that I wanted to share with you guys So number one will keep recap again number one things that keep you on radar number two Giving people call to action to your blog post affiliate links Freebie offers I always do that and pretty much most of my posts But the first one is really just you know to keep you on top of mind again things that That really have sometimes nothing to do something That's maybe just inspiring happy positive things like like a quote

I like doing those types of things as well and then number number two, is that the affiliate link one and then number three is the You know telling a story telling people why you got into the business maybe telling people how you overcame something Maybe tell sharing with people how you were able to get people results and but really humanizing you, you know sharing with people like how You know, maybe your client or customer had an in school or maybe you know, just how you come across the result you got a flower – Yeah, so a lot of the the tutorials that I post are about social media tools that I like to use to help me leverage My time so I can spend more time with this beautiful, baby yeah, I took like a year off and and took care of this baby girl and I only had a couple of clients that I worked with And now I focus on helping people Build more income and building my own income through affiliate marketing just promoting a lot of the tools that I already prevent, you know promote but really like Really breaking it out really like I want to be able to like win affiliate contests and stuff like that and I want to show you how I'm gonna be to be winning that dream car for Clickfunnels, there's a lot of different affiliate programs that give away bonus cars and things like So that's my mind My dream is to do that and I show you how to do that in bonus Affiliate method calm my free duplicatable business in a box so This girl is really nice So I better go and read some more books and we'll see you on the next video Hopefully this wasn't a too bad of a video to watch make sure to like and comment and subscribe And I'll see you on the next video much love and aloha

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