Video Marketing: Why your business needs multiple videos

Having one video about your business is definitely better than none But if you really want to engage with customers online, you need to have multiple videos

Hi, my name is Connor Crosby from Ignition Visuals Here's why you need to have several videos in your catalog Think about your business What your mission is, your goals, the products or services you provide, your employees, promotions, the people you are looking to attract, customers you're looking to retain, etc That's a lot of moving parts

If you were trying to squeeze all of that into one video, it'd be very long and boring So having separate videos, each tailored for a specific topic, allow them be short and engaging By having multiple videos, that allows you to cast a wider net online and give you a bigger chance of attracting new customers It's important to keep in mind that not all videos work everywhere When people are on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, they're typically in a passive mode where they're looking for enjoyment

Compare that to social networks such as YouTube or LinkedIn where people are actively browsing for specific types of content Therefore, it's important to create different types of videos for different experiences Videos on Facebook can visually showcase your services whereas videos on YouTube can be educational videos about your products To learn more about the different types of videos your business should have, visit IgnitionVisualscom

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