Tinyclues Success Story: Interview with Fnac Darty’s Digital Marketing Director David Nedzela

My name is David Nedzela I’m Director of Digital Marketing for the group Fnac Darty

Fnac Darty is a retailer with over 700 stores, dedicated to home appliances, electronics and cultural goods Last year’s revenue was 74 billion, with online sales accounting for approximately 17% of this overall revenue The reason why we chose Tinyclues, was to improve the way we were doing CRM In the past, we were trying to identify what could be the next center of interest of our customer database, and it was very manual

At one point, the customer database really grew, the product database really grew, especially when we launched our online marketplace We now have 15 million products online We were looking for a solution to help us target, and be more specific in the way we were sending emails In the past, let's say for a mass email sent to 8 million people, we were adding 10 blocks on a given newsletter Now, we're able to send 10 different newsletters to this group of customers, say 10% of the database for a specific product

In the past, we had emails including a book, a phone, a computer, and a CD Now, we’re sending CDs to a very specific target audience and phones to a very specific audience The biggest impact of Tinyclues on our business is probably productivity In the past we were trying to send as many emails as possible, but it was very complicated because we had nobody on the team to manage this number of emails Thanks to Tinyclues, we're able to be very productive in the way we build our customer segmentation; we're able to send more emails with less people

less emails sent but we’re being more specific The second impact is about marketing calendar management We are hosting the entire marketing calendar in Tinyclues

Tinyclues is able to decide which emails should be sent to which people for a given week The reason we love Tinyclues is because they have a great product and a great team Those guys are listening to our needs, they're building the product with the feedback that we’re sharing, and we always have an ongoing discussion about what could be the next evolution of the product It's great to feel that the feedback we’re sharing is really taken into consideration when building the roadmap These guys are very reactive and very flexible, so we love working with them

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