Start Your Business with Denny Santoso | Digital Marketing 101 EP1

Guys, Denny Santoso is here So, I was challenged

! So, there's someone who just put a comment on my Youtube channel Sort of "a notification" Whether I able to give the real online coachingthat succeed in bringing him the real money,

he'll be voluntarily giving the money back to me! He's sort of challenging me like that But unfortunately, his account was missing It made me came up with a new idea Since I was challenged like that! I wanna you guys doing this! This is a challenge for you! I wanna help you doing an "open-coaching," like that! On "How to build a business, mainly, the online ones!" Because I really wanna help you So your business can jump to the next level, like that! So, this one is real! So, these videos will be made created gradually Hopefully, gradually, like that! Well, now, slowly, you add as your side hustle,or your side job, or whatever it is, right?! It's just like doing your daily activities, like that! You just follow these steps slowly, like that So, you can get an idea on how to build a business

What are the steps So, it will be that "real!" So, okay, here's the first! You fill in these columns, okay?! I've given it here! Alright! So, first of all, You must fill this in! First of all, here, is, "What business do I make?" So, the business name is over here! "What business do I make?" That's your business name! And then, afterwards, who do you want to help? So, the blank here is for, who your targets actually are? Don't write,"I want to help everyone!" Not like that! Who? It must be detailed! So, here, it must be detailed, "Who?", like that! To solve what problem? So, there must be something that you solve! Rather only selling to gain a profit! But you must solve that person's problem! So, who's that person? What problem that person has that you want to solve? And the next is, in what unique way? Remember, the unique way! If you only use an ordinary way, then, you'll meet withsomeone else that already has done the same thing as you do! Thus, you have no "competitive advantage!" So, here, you must think about what makesyour solution here, is different than someone elses! So, just like that! So, more less, the challenge will be like that! So, for example, I wanna make a business on how to lose weight

to help the ladies who want to lose some weightwith a healthy way, for instance! With a platform like that! With what unique way? For instance, with unique way like "Keto Diet!" That's very unique! Because, usually, we eat 5-6 times per day Eat in small portion but quite frequently, So, when "Keto diet" emerged, it's considered unique! Or, with another unique way, like "fasting" "Intermitten fasting," like that! So, the business is clear! The business is "Supplement," for instance! Or, "Catering" business, for instance! Or, "Restaurant" business, for instance! In order to help who? Ladies who just gave birth,to get their ideal shape back! It's their problem, right?! With what unique way? With some way, like "Keto drink," for example! So, there are details Everything must be detail! Okay?! So, in this video, I want you to write your comments below! Okay?! In full sentences! "I want to make this business," "To help who," "To solve what problem,"

"With what unique way," So, the comments are over there! Okay?! I'll wait up! I wanna see your comments On how serious are you going through this all! Okay, guys?! So, I'll see you guys in the next video, okay?! Bye, bye!

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