100K Challenge | Digital Marketing 2019-2020

My name is John Donato, and I've set a goal for myself to make $100,000 online by July 19 2020 my 24th birthday Give me just under two years I've been thinking about this a lot and I've been able to design a specific plan to scale my current business model up to $100,000 per year using affiliate marketing and then eventually SM MA Obviously, it's super far fetched right now

I'm nowhere near a hundred thousand dollars per year right now I've only made a little bit of money online Nothing wildly impressive I'm not a low Pez or anything, but I seriously seriously I promise you there's opportunity out there and I think that if I just Really get motivated to really get focused and really surround myself the right people I can accomplish this So in the next video, I'll be explaining Specifically my plan to accomplish my goal up on five thousand dollars per year I think you will find it pretty cool I think it'll be something that you guys maybe haven't thought of before if you do affiliate marketing or SM, MA It's a cool way to combine these two things together So definitely look out for that Anyways, I thought that instead of just making videos with general advice telling you what to do with affiliate marketing would be cool to show You exactly what I'm doing to see success online

I'm gonna show you everything I'm doing every single day You'll really get to see what my life is looking like and see some really cool ways to make money online Specifically instead of just having me giving you no general advice I'm going to show you what I'm doing I'm going to be as transparent as possible over the next two years that you'll really get to see what my life is looking like and see some really cool ways to make money online Specifically instead of just having me giving you no general advice I'm going to show you what I'm doing And I hope that you model it I hope that you copy it

I hope you get some value extract some ideas Whatever So why am I even doing this? Anyways, well, I guess the short version of this story is that Three months ago I got kind of stressed out that I was stagnant in life that I wasn't living up potential so I temporarily moved away to Alabama of all places had plans to go out to California It didn't work out fell through call my buddy on the phone said hey, I need to get out of Massachusetts digital marketing,digital marketing tutorial,digital marketing training,digital marketing tutorial for beginners,digital marketing course,digital marketing for beginners,marketing,digital marketing tutorials for beginners,learn digital marketing,what is digital marketing,digital marketing basics,digital marketing strategy,digital marketing bangla tutorial,seo tutorial for beginners,social media marketing for beginners And he said yeah cool would ever come down here pack my car the next day with like $200 my bank account drove down there Just started to look for any way to make money online obviously ran in 2000 scams eventually found affiliate marketing from what I heard it was gonna take one to three years to Develop in a profitable business model where I was at least getting $1 back at the end of the day So I was a guy whatever I'm down for that I want the time and location freedom eventually in my life So I'm not puttin one two three years since then I've been able to figure it out in three months Not to say I'm making a billion dollars a day but I am proud of the success that I've seen and I've seen a massive opportunity to scale this and I'm so excited because I Really? Like I said for really crunch the numbers and I really think this is possible super excited to look back in this video I think it'd be cool Anyways stressed out couldn't find a job No money found affiliate marketing was able to kind of recalibrate clear my mind Get back on track and now I'm at a point where I'm graduating school this year and I would be showing you guys the entire Process by the way, you'll be seeing everything to do with college and finding a job, you know the pressures you face I mean, I think that'll be really cool I think a lot of people will be able to relate to that so over the next two years I'm going to be doing absolutely everything I can to get myself any advantage You're just making absolutely every investment I possibly can of myself to just better myself as a person overall and I'm going to explain exactly what I'm doing That's been working really well so far

So you'll really get to see someone scaling their current affiliate marketing model I'm gonna show you my Business model right now as it's in its infancy all of the things that I'm trying all of my w's all of my elves Probably gonna be a lot of ELLs I'm ready for it I'm super excited Can't wait to get started I really think that I can accomplish this So if you guys want to follow along just subscribe down below

I'd really appreciate that I know Earl Nightingale always talked about how money is a yardstick to measure the service that you rendered for the marketplace So my goal seriously is to help out as much as possible to provide as much value as I possibly can to help in any Whether it be in the comments section or on social media, I'm going to leave my social media down below So just connect with me on there I'm always responsive I really want to demonstrate reciprocity except feel like that's honestly like the biggest thing I've learned so far It's just that your financial return will really be a measure of the service that you provide So say I'm super excited to just look back on this video in two years and see how far I've come how far I've progressed And all the things I've learned along the way hopefully my entire life will be upgraded by that point I think it'll be really cool I really think this is possible so I can't wait to get started I don't want to ramble on all night But I will see you guys in the next video where I'm going to specifically explain this blueprint or this plan that I am using That I've designed that obviously is subject to change Subject to adaptation only to make adjustments along the way as I learn more things and learn how to optimize for the result better But anyways, I'll be talking about in that in the next video I talked about this all night, so I can't wait I really think it's possible I think it's going to be very challenging

It's gonna continue to challenge me I think it's going to be an absolute son of a bitch, but I'm ready for it I love the challenge I'm diving into this holding myself accountable So if you guys want to follow along subscribe down below connect with me on social media reach out Shoot me a message I promise I'll respond Anyways, I'll talk to you guys in the next video Peace money I really want to demonstrate reciprocity because I feel like that's honestly like the biggest thing I've learned so far is just that

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