Facebook Advertising Tips – $0.01 CPC Facebook Ads in the USA – Cheap clicks from Tier -1 Countries

hey what's going on guys its day 51 Of my youtube video challenge and in this video we gonna talk about how to create Facebook ads and drive traffic to your blog and make money with google adsense, affiliate marketing, in Clickbank a CPA it's totally depend on you and I'm gonna share you the right way Create Facebook ads and let's get started and this method really works with the traffic arbitrage and like something like are you can make money with google adsense by selling traffic from Facebook ads and I already made a lot of videos on that like if you're someone who's interested just go ahead and watch those videos and this method also works whether the CPA marketing affiliate marketing and collecting leads and the main goal of this particular method is to drive cheap clicks from facebook ads because we’re not going to promote articles like how to make money online or not gonna promote affiliate offers on facebook ads we're going to promote viral articles there's reason why people call that as a viral article because the engagement on those articles will be pretty much very high like the reach will be like thousands and the engagement will be like 200, 300 that's 30% engagement when you started getting 30% engagement on your facebook ad campaign mostly that's the clicks Will go to like, which you will be only paying 001$ cent to 0

05$ even its tier one country United States United Kingdom actually I made lot of videos on that like I was showing some of my facebook ad campaign on ah Youtube video if you are interested just go ahead and watch that video and if You’re someone who is looking for very very cheap clicks from Facebook ads just make sure you find some articles like this like you see it here like ah articles like this just published 40 minutes ago and it almost got 24 shares and 70 comments and 508 likes and smiley in the Everything and mostly article like this don't use videos to drive traffic because you won't be getting clicks on your articles and trying to find articles like this don't try to promote article like this because uh article like this won't get a lot of click throughs CTR like you can see there like it's been almost a it looks like it's been almost on those I will I been seeing this for last ten – fifteen days and I never clicked those ads because you're not trying to promote offers we're trying to get cheap clicks when it's come to traffic arbitrage it's all about getting clicks for very cheap like on most of my campaigns I would i only pay Up To 001$ to 003$ cents some time 004 cents on add Tier 1 country's and I be still I be are profitable with my Monitizations like our Facebook ads sorry Google Adsense and other affiliate Network so I use Clickbank and the Commission Junction and sometime I use maxbounty and this is a how traffic arbitrage stuffs works and if you're someone who's who's not that good in researching articles just go ahead like pages like this like I used to do that you can see it here like this is a viral article on this particular niche and just go ahead and just like these pages so let's go ahead and create an Facebook ads so for example let's say that I'm promoting this particular article so all I will be doing this I'll be going to this facebook ads manager someone who's new this is Facebook ad manager and the thing you need to do is don't go for traffic I always go for engagement there is a reason why because when you go for engagement will be getting rough organic traffic when you go for traffic you Gonna pay for the clicks you get that's one reason just go for engagement just don't, if you’re someone who have a lot of budget just go ahead and Test traffic I never did that some time I used to but I never got a good results from traffic That's a reason I prefer engagement and because if the article get shared a lot in the getting a lot of engagements and you'll be getting a lot of shares When your article get lot of shares mostly will be getting organic traffic which is free you're not gonna pay for that and let's say that i’m promoteing so just continue so if I'm promoting this offer sorry not offer this article and you can see to your like this the targeting will be very easy it's Game of Thrones here's a famous character from Game of Thrones so what have we doing this i’ll be just go ahead and make sure you change this to people who live in this location and mostly pretty much everyone watching watch Game of Thrones in the United States Canada all those countries so I want to test you don't know who's your audience is when you just getting started so I just go ahead and put 65+ 124 00:05:07,030 –> 00:05:13,750 Plus age range and gender is going to be all and just leave this empty and just go ahead and type game of thrones so it has taught for almost 170 million followers potential reach so uh I'm going to I'm not gonna go through a just broad targeting like this I'll be a try to narrow down a little bit so like and let's type out Jon snow so you can see it here like it it shows you jon snow character just go ahead and click that and mostly the audience will be now the audience reach will be fivefive million so the audience will be highly 138 00:06:01,690 –> 00:06:05,379 targeted and they're mostly everyone inside this audience will be our knowing who for this guy's so it's very easy to get lot of click through on your viral article so it looks like he won strongest Man Mountain it looks like he won in some competition you want something so mostly yeah everyone will recognize him very easily That’s a reason and narrowing it down and five point five million is potentially good reach because our if yours just trying to promote viral article just go for almost two to five million because that's the suggested range as long as your arrow mak is not in broad it's highly highly targeted people in this article so if people inside this particular interest will be more interested in reading article like this that's a reason so once you set your targeting just go ahead and now edit your placement because it's totally going to depend on now what kind of business model you are in actually When it comes to traffic arbitrage they actually are two different types the first one is people only drive traffic through desktop traffic and second type is people drive traffic from mobile at the same time with desktop I actually use both to drive traffic to my site and now just go with feeds and just go with Facebook Feeds and don't go with the desktop because there's a reason why because uh article like this only will be a single page or almost one or two page you can split those articles into 10 15 pages that's the reason just go for mobile because when its Mobile Facebook will give you cheap clicks like you will only paying 0

02 to 005 cents on United States that’s A reason because mobile traffic is very very cheap in Facebook ads allways go for our feeds and mobile traffic never go for Instagram or audience network I never tested that that’s the reason I never go for it and when I make changes to the placement in the organic sorry the audience reach was cut down to 1 million so I just added some more characters so it looks like right now We sitting at 22 million peoples on just this particular audience so it's pretty nice because always go for 2 to 5 million people's that's highly suggested because those range works well for me That’s the reason i suggesting it and just go ahead and click this one only when connected to Wi-Fi it's not going to have issues with this there's a reason why because if someone having a weaker connection and your page is not running faster so they would gonna bounce out of your website that's a reason just go ahead and click this and just try with $5 that's 300 INR in India and just go for post engagement and and once you finished you're Targetting and placements just go ahead and create your ad because actually when it's come to post there are two types of post so the first one is public post which you'll be posting in your fan page of your website and the second one is a dark post it's something like a people create dark poste so they can keep the campaign's much more safer from their competitors so i use dark post like no one is gonna find what article I'm promoting and what image i’m using on my ad copy I'm using on my facebook ad it's really going to be much secret that’s a reason i user that dark post when you create your post here You will be having this option gonna save us unpublished Post when you click that mostly the Article will be dark post and no one is gonna see your Facebook that particular post on Facebook unless it's only shown as a Facebook ad it's never gonna shown on the feed or if somebody searches it's never gonna show up and pretty much that's all once you click this Confirm button Facebook will review your Ad pretty much they'll be on eighty to ninety percent they might approve your ad campaign and it's one able to take like ten twenty minutes that's all and one more thing like When you create you’re ads just make sure that you also target are Canada and United Kingdom together like try to create two different ads sets let me show you guys something like this create a campaign and try to have it two different adsets like the first one which we created right now which is United States and for the second ad set try to target two different countries with the same targeting which is United Kingdom and Canada so mostly you'll be having much more success in the this campaign then this campaign because like United States Is very very competitive that’s the reason your price may go up in two or three days because of the advertisers when it is come to United Kingdom and Canada the Competition will be pretty less compared to United States and turn off the ads 262 00:11:20,860 –> 00:11:24,910 Which is not working and keep the ads that Woking that's all guys it's really easy to get cheap clicks from Facebook ads and and if you're someone Who is interested in videos like this do give a like to this video subscribe to my channel and if you have any questions leave them in the comment below i’ll be answering every questions if you are interested in joining my Facebook group link in the description make sure you join my facebook groups and see you guys in the next video Thank you

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