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Is cost per conversion and return on adspend My advice is cut out the ones that are costing you more that you're seeing less Conversion value for and double down on the ones that are really effective for you Hey everyone, this is Dean DeCarlo from Mission Disrupt today I'm gonna go over eight tasks that you should add to your summer marketing checklist Now the first task is that you want to audit all of your paid media channels online Basically you want to understand which ones are driving the most conversions Two really great metrics that you should be looking at is cost per conversion and return on ad spend My advice is cut out the ones that are costing you more that you're seeing less Conversion value for and double down on the ones that are really effective for you Especially if you're about to be busy over the holiday season The next is to be aware of all the changes that are happening within each ad platform for example A lot of changes have come out on Google and we've actually created a article on our site that's dedicated To telling you about the new ad formats and some of the changes that have already been implemented in the early months of summer So check that out The third is that you want to be a make sure that you are tracking conversions corrected Not only do you want to make sure that conversions that? Traffic is set up But if you already have it set up a lot of times conversion tracking can get knocked down so you want to make sure that if any You know updates have happened your site that everything's still working And if you have the time over the summer It's something that could save you a lot of grief and making sure that your data is concise as possible AB testing is another Really great way to start testing which variables are impacting conversion on your site Now before the holiday season rolls out you're gonna want to test things maybe that'll have to do with creative but variables on your sites like button colors like where modules on your sites are laid out or where those elegant pieces are and you're gonna want to be able to measure that to See which have the lowest bounce rates the highest conversions the most session times all things that impact the actual Purchase or getting a lead with in your sight Now on top of that even though the holidays are months away now is the time that you want to get your creative right Start working with your team or with outside teams to create content that's going to drive those sales During the holiday season on top of that Dedicated landing pages are really helpful to actually driving Conversion value and you want to make sure that these landing pages are as relevant as possible In fact more people are likely to convert if they feel that the landing page is unique to their situation For example, if you're looking for fire safes You don't want to just land on a webpage that has general saves you want to land on a page that talks about? The benefits of your safe at in your relations to fire safety, right? It's is more relevant to them and they feel more comfortable buying So it makes sense to test out those things Now, of course that comes across the services tip If you're looking to explore new audiences My suggestion is that you use Facebook to test which audiences can actually be more effective for you now We created another video that talks all about this so you're gonna want to make sure that you go to our channel and check that out and finally at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 is going to dub certain companies King in terms of digital Now the companies that are gonna come out on top are the ones that are providing the quickest Solutions that customers not just in service offering but the easiest way that they can find a product or service that they like Start thinking about the technology that's in your site now and how you can improve upon it or basically use technology to help out Users actually choose a product or service now in one case with all client em save so you did a product wizard Basically that would identify a consumers need for a safe Based on a few criterias and then after they answer four or five simple questions It actually gives them the exact safe that fits their needs and their price point things like that are gonna really help drive conversion and what you're gonna see the websites that adapt this type of technology quickest is Gonna have a great effect on their overall sales rep for more marketing tips Be sure to look at our channel or our website where you can find tons of insight to help you and give any questions Comment in the section below or get back

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