KPS Digital Marketing FAQ | What’s it like to work with us?

In this video, we're going to be answering all of the questions you may have if you're considering working with KPS Digital Marketing From our pricing to expected results, to how we work with our customers and lots more

Keep Watching [Lloyd] I've got a question Will Lloyd be involved in the video? [Dan] Yes he will Unfortunately What do you do to help Businesses? So the main bulk of what we do to help businesses, is we help them generate more leads and sales from social media We can help them do that in a variety of ways

From helping them develop a strategy, helping them implement that strategy, training their team to implement that strategy, producing video for their content on social media There's various ways we can help them but it mainly revolves around using social media to generate more leads and sales I can't get the last leads and sales out! [Lloyd] I think that's alright though It's just natural There's something

like, your hair's blonde and it looks crap [laughter] Who can you help? Ok [Laughter] So who can you help? So, potentially we can help any business that wants to grow but from our experience, you need to believe in what we do, be fully committed and you also need a budget that's committed to this project, to make this work I can't do this anymore So what's the process if I'm interested in working with you? So, if you're interested in working with us the first thing you need to do is contact us Be that online or by call, so that we can have an initial chat so that we can find out a bit more about your business, we can explain a bit about what we do

Then if we feel that we can really work together (potentially) we can then arrange a meeting Have a bit more of a discussion Then we'll go away and put together an action plan outlining how we can help you and how much that is going to cost and the expected results that you can get What's the process if I choose to work with you? If you choose to work with ussssss What's the process if I choose to work with you? If you choose to work with us, the next step we'd take is to arrange some kind of meeting so that we can fully communicate everything we plan to do What we expect from you What you can expect from us and the specific dates things are going to happen

So that you are fully aware of everything that's going on and we can go from there Why do prices offers so much with different agencies Lloyd? What was the question? That made no sense! What was the actual question? Why do prices vary so much between different agencies Lloyd? Well it should be that you get what you pay for, so if the prices are higher they're offering higher value They're more experienced If they're offering a lower price, they may not be as experienced, and you may not get the same results but do be careful and do your research Look at work the businesses have done in the past because this isn't always the case

How much does it cost to work with you? So it's very difficult for me to sit here and give you a specific figure because we don't yet know what you want and what project it's going to be However, to give you a rough idea To work with us you're gonna need to start at around £500 to invest in a half day training session or a short video and it goes upwards from there Starting at around £1500 a month for Social Media Management, and upwards depending on the project size But ultimately, to be transparent we price ourselves based on the time we invest, the value your going to get on the return on that investment and also the resources that we need to put into that project to make it work, but the best thing to do is contact us, have a chat and we can give you a much more accurate investment fee

What if I can't afford those prices? Well, to grow your business you need to invest time and money and if you don't have as much money then you need to invest more time in learning from free resources, like videos on YouTube, blogs like ours and if you've got a little bit of a budget you can invest in something like our 'Power Hour' which is £99 to have an hour with us and speed up that learning What results can I expect? Before working with you we'll ask you what success looks like What return [DING DONG] [Lloyd] Shall I get the door? Yeh Do I look sweaty at all? No What results can we expect? So, before working with you we'll ask you what success looks like

What return do you want to get from investing in working with us on a project? and we'll only work with businesses that we truly believe we can help and achieve the results they're expecting How can I trust you? Well we hope that you've been watching our videos and things like that and you know we're genuinely nice people but of course, when you're making a decision to work with any new business you need to look at their previous work, who they work with and what they've achieved So, on our website you can have a look at our case studies and what we've achieved for our clients You can also see a list of the clients we've been working with and potentially contact them and ask whatever you want to ask about us How long is the contract? So we believe in what we do and we truly believe that you're going to be happy with what we do so we don't feel the need to tie anyone into any kind of contract

So we don't You're in Margate, but where can you work? Yes we're in a lovely town called Margate but we can work pretty much anywhere if the project is right We've travelled abroad to work, we've travelled in the UK, London So please do contact us if you're considering working with us because there's a high chance, if the project's right we'll be able to work together Do you do any work with charities? Well, outside of work we organise a charity event annually to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society but when it comes to work, if a charity approaches us we'll always be willing to offer a discount to try and make it more affordable for them

I hope we've answered any questions you might have If you do think we'd be a good fit for your business then please do ask any more questions Theres should be a start a conversation button somewhere around here on our website or DM us on Social Media and we look forward to hearing from you

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