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(upbeat music) – Search engine optimization and pay per click are both very effective ways of how to drive traffic to your website They're both different concepts and they both require different methodologies and techniques

Search engine optimization helps your website to rank higher on organic listings Now, don't really call search engine optimization free traffic since you still need to either become a search engine optimization expert, hire one, and of course maintaining the website The benefit that you have with pay per click is that since the ads show on the top of the page and on the top of organic listing, that gives you a prime real estate to deliver a specific sales-driven message for people who are already looking for your services Remember for both search engine optimization and pay per click you need to have very relevant content on your website The advantage that you have with search engine optimizations is that it's long term

And the advantage that you have with pay per click is that you're able to deliver a sales-driven message that you just won't be able to deliver because wills or changes need to monetize And remember, you have also always control on the budget that you spend on pay per click campaigns, who sees your ad, the message that you deliver, as well have access to very powerful information that can help you to improve your account Search engine optimization and pay per click are both complementary parts of any digital marketing strategy If you have any comments or any questions please add them in the comments section below If you would like to hear more about our InfoDrops or more tips, please go to our YouTube channel and subscribe

Thank you (upbeat music)

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