How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing WITHOUT Scamming

– Okay, in this video I'm again with John Crestani, master performance marketer and master affiliate marketer I wanna talk about the fact that affiliate marketing tends to get a bad rap sometimes and what people can do to get around it

(relaxing music) Why in the first place, why do you think affiliate marketing gets a bad rap in the first place? – I think it's gets a bad rap because some affiliates push it too far – [Eric] What are some examples of that? – Examples of people putting up ads where you click on them and it freezes your computer unless you call a certain phone number Because affiliates know they can just insert some java script and freeze your computer and if they're being paid out to get phone calls to a company, they push the boundaries there or– – Because they're so focused on the conversion, they just wanna make money – Or if affiliates are incentivized to get sales of a certain product, they might make claims that are unwarranted like they might say something like, oh Dr Oz recommends this, this product

Dr Oz, Oprah, and the Rock all recommend this product – [Eric] Rock So you should buy it and people will buy it, thinking those people recommended it and the affiliate will make the commission But because the affiliate pushed a little too hard to get the sale and they basically did something that's unethical and irresponsible and frankly, it's just illegal

– So, what I'm hearing is affiliate marketers can sometimes push the boundaries so much that they can make a brand almost look bad Basically, I can take a really good product and run it on a porn site and that can just totally destroy the– – Or that, or you could advertise in places the person doesn't wanna advertise Maybe there are people on porn sites that wanna buy a product but the owner of that brand doesn't want their product advertised on porn sites That's a perfect example – So, how do people do affiliate marketing or performance marketing the right way? The reason I say performance marketing, too, is because people are operating on performance, right? So, you tend to do affiliate marketing the right way, so how do people do it the right way? The John Crestani way? – The John Crestani way of affiliate marketing

First I would say work with companies that you trust ClickFunnels is a perfect example, I trust ClickFunnels Work with companies where you can look up the owner and the owner is a reputable person, an ethical person, a responsible person I haven't met him, but I know Russell Brunson and he's owner of ClickFunnels and he's a great person So, work with companies that you trust

And as I said, you could even make your own deals Another way to do affiliate marketing the right way is make sure you have that dialogue Make sure you have communication back and forth with whoever you're working with If you're thinking about doing advertising on porn sites, for instance, communicate that Say, hey is this okay? But I think it's just, really, you've got to treat it like, you can't treat it like some sort of get rich quick thing, you have to treat it like a business

You're working with clients These affiliate companies are your clients and you've got to have that two-way communication – Basically what I'm hearing is treating the client as if it was part of their marketing team, too And you wanna do things that are above water – Exactly, exactly, exactly

– Great Alright, so if you enjoyed this video and you wanna continue to get better at marketing, make sure you leave a comment below Let us know what you're gonna do about this video and make sure you subscribe to this channel and also subscribe to John Crestani's channel, as well – Yeah, check it out This guy is the master, definitely learn from this guy

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