Email Marketing Helps Businesses Find Customers

A question we are often asked: Is email marketing an effective way to find more customers? Short answer is yes! If you're marketing to consumers across social media, search engines, TV, radio, and elsewhere but not doing email, then you're missing out on a huge opportunity to drive more traffic and to grow your sales As you consider email marketing for your business, know that you are not alone

61% of businesses are increasing their investment in email marketing Why is that? Well, email has been a commonly used form of communication for the past 20 years, and while other type of communication has come into play over the past two decades, email is still one of the primary and preferred ways in which both consumers and professionals want to be reached In fact, most consumers prefer to receive email promotions from brands versus other methods of communication That's right 72% of Americans prefer to receive email offers from businesses

Reach out to komi to see if we can help you with your email marketing initiatives komi: Turning Consumers into Customers

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