hey guys in this video I'm going to show you how to get started with affiliate marketing hey Addi here from addiganleycom and in this video we're going to talk all about how you can get started with affiliate marketing today most people feel like affiliate marketing is a spammy way to make money or they have to sell out to their audience but the truth is when it's done right you can still serve your audience without losing your authenticity and feeling like you don't have to sell your soul before I get into the three steps of how to get service affiliate marketing I'm gonna give you a brief overview of what it is in case you're completely new to affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product or service to your audience and you earn a commission or flat rate when they purchase using your unique tracking link so basically you recommend an affiliate offer your audience trust you and purchase the offer and you get paid the question is how can you get started with affiliate marketing today I've identified three steps so let's dive into it now number one provide a solution most people sign up as an affiliate partner and they feel like they need to just sell this offer to the audience and they feel like they have to push it on them or make their site a billboard you need to reframe your mindset and how you approach affiliate marketing your whole plan is not to just sell this product on them but to provide them with a genuine solution to their problem it's not just about the money and I know that might sound backwards to some people because obviously you're in business to make money but you need to really reframe your mindset on how you approach affiliate marketing and think about it as you're providing the solution to your audience and not just trying to sell them some kind of affiliate product or service instead of joining an affiliate program and then placing links all over your website you need to focus on providing high quality content that's going to lead your audience to the solution which is the affiliate offer so instead of just coming right out and saying go buy this or you need this product actually show them the benefits of the affiliate product or service that you're recommending step 2 have a plan so most people get started affiliate marketing and they fail within their first month or two because they do not have a plan you need to have a system in place that's going to lead your audience to this affiliate product or service you can't just expect them to know that you're offering this or that they should click on it you have to have a system in place to lead them to that solution your affiliate marketing success is going to rely heavily on your content marketing so a big part of your plan is providing that valuable content that's going to again lead them to the solution and educate your audience or show them a case study or provide them with a before and after so they can see how and why this affiliate product that you're promoting is going to benefit them step 3 be honest so this one I feel like doesn't even need to be said but a lot of times people fail with affiliate marketing because they're just trying to make that sale your audience is gonna be able to see right through you you need to be honest and genuine and only recommend products or services that you've personally tried so like I said in step two you need to have a plan that relies heavily on your content marketing so a part of this plan and being honest is showing your audience and telling them your personal stories and your personal experiences with this product instead of just saying hey go buy this now so I always tell people think marketing is like a friendship you're not gonna go tell your best friend to go try this restaurant that's new in town and say oh my gosh the food is amazing if you've never tried it so don't do that with your audience so in order for you to get service affiliate marketing today click the link below and download my free affiliate starter guide it's going to walk you through step by step exactly what you need to do to get started right now

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