the thought of adding video to your marketing campaigns can be daunting I get it where do I start what do I say Will anyone really see my videos after going to all this trouble and does anyone really care? I'm Lynn hawks, my company is experts and authorities video production and boy do I understand exactly how you feel we work with entrepreneurs and small businesses and nonprofits like you every single day and we hear these questions and concerns over and over again my goal today and in this series to follow is to break down the barriers talk you off that ledge, get you in the boat and comfortable and even excited about the value and huge potential video offers to grow your organization So let's start, let's touch on those initial thoughts or should I say fears

Where do I start? well you start at the beginning and move forward one small step at a time don't get bogged down in all the moving parts the biggest hurdle is up here in your mind make the decision to share your message with the world using the most powerful marketing tool available Gather your team get their buy-in and move forward from there just say YES What do I say your message your mission is in your heart just talk to your audience speak from your heart be sincere and authentic as you share your story There is a simple solid scripting formula I'll share with you in another video but the point of every video message is honesty sincerity and being who you are

It's not a pitch and it's not the BIG ASK, it's an invitation to learn more about your nonprofit organization When you show up honestly revealing your commitment to the goals and values of your organization you will attract and connect with the viewer, your ideal supporter and donor on a very special incredibly powerful level Will anyone ever see my video once I've gone through all this work ? The answer is absolutely yes because you know your ideal donor and volunteer and where they frequent online You've done your research and with that same research you'll create a strategic publication strategy across multiple online platforms and your video message will be seen by thousands of new potential donors and volunteers, more than you ever imagined and lastly, does anyone care ? Really?? Nonprofit professionals, YOU are passionate dedicated people first and professionals second, you are fiercely committed to your organization and how it serves your community Don't you think there are others, hundreds if not thousands of other people just like you eager to help make a difference get involved do their part? Of course you do

With billions of online searches happening every single second I think we can agree people are looking for ways to impact their community, their world, and very possibly may find what you do how you help and how you serve your community exactly what they had in mind A video message is the closest thing to a one-on-one in-person conversation there is in marketing today It's your chance to look your new donor in the eye, lean in and tell them in your words what your organization does and how important they are in the success of your mission, so yes, hundreds thousands and maybe even millions really do care, they just need to find you and connect with the heart of what you do So how do you begin a video marketing initiative in your organization from scratch ? Well it's sort of like eating the proverbial elephant, one bite at a time but it's not an elephant, it's a big ice-cream sundae rich and robust satisfying fun and delicious from beginning to the end, so take your time enjoy the process pay attention to every step and every detail and reap the benefits of all your efforts I promise once you have produced and published your first video you will come back for seconds again and again, each time getting better than the last

This is the first in a series of videos on the power of video marketing for nonprofits In the series we'll talk about the power of scripting the perfect message, publishing your videos for maximum results on platforms like YouTube, Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn and the production toolkit for creating pro quality videos in-house with your own team, you don't want to miss that if you want a jump start in the series leave your name and email below we'll send you a link to every video as soon as it's produced thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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