The HubSpot Ecosystem: Seventh Sense Integration (Email Marketing and Send Time Optimization)

Hello everybody this is Gabriel from Nextiny in Sarasota, Florida and today we're going to talk the HubSpot: Seventh Sense integration So, first of all, what is Seventh Sense? Seventh Sense is an AI technology tool that actually integrates into HubSpot and other email tools, like gmail for example, to understand all your engagement data from email campaigns

So when you send an email, Seventh Sense will understand when people open that email, when people click that email, and also where they're coming from– is it a desktop, is it a mobile device, so then Seventh Sense analyzes all that data and it gives you the most probable time that someone is going to actually open your emails and engage with your emails Now, this is cool first of all because you can understand when to send emails instead of doing all of your emails at Tuesday at 2 PM or Thursday at 3 PM

you can understand when your best times are, but also, it allows you to send through HubSpot workflows, emails to a list of a thousand people for example, but each email goes at their probable time So, I may get it on Monday at 9 AM because that's my best time, and you might get it on Tuesday at 3 PM

because it's your first time that you actually have time to engage with this email At the same time it's great for sales, because it allows sales people through the HubSpot integration to actually see how people are engaging, you can see on the HubSpot CRM the best times for everyday and that actually shows you when you can call them, because at the same time that they have time to actually engage with emails they probably have time to actually engage with calls So, it helps with your marketing efforts and your sales efforts It's great for segmentation to understand how engaged your lists are and actually remove people that are not engaged so your lists gets cleaner and cleaner and domains get more authority and it's a great, great tool for email marketing optimization campaigns So, Seventh Sense integrates with HubSpot by just plugging them in and it starts taking all that information and analyzes it and gives you reports at the same time it integrates the feed where you can see the time on the actual lead each time for each day that they're actually engaging the most

Now for agencies, I would say that the best service that you can provide just install it for everybody There's two ways to do it, one is throw it on everybody's account, start gathering information, learning from it and creating better and better campaigns over time, and then creating workflows to send each email campaigns, so you send emails at the right time, etc etc The other way to do it would be to actually upsell people, or have two packages, normal email marketing campaigns, advanced email marketing campaigns I know agencies that do that and thats actually a great opportunity to upsell your customers into a more advanced engagement with email marketing

The type of clients that would benefit from this, I would say every client would benefit from this I think all of our customers are benefiting from this, we're using this on absolutely every one of our customers, even with small lists we've seen that we learn so much that it's worth actually doing it So I hope this helps and see you soon, take care!

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