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Pay per click advertising is a way of using search engines like Google to bring traffic to your website The cool thing about this traffic is that the people that are seeing your ads are already potential customers, because they've just searched Google for the exact keyword or keywords that we are making your ad show up for

In exchange for that traffic, you pay the search engines every time a person clicks on your ad link, hence the name "pay per click" The cost of each of those clicks depends on how well-optimized your campaign is On Google, that's called Google AdWords The goal for us with any PPC campaign is to at least 2X your ROI on each click So, say if you were spending $10 per click, we'd want you to make $20 on the other end

And so that's why we focus on optimized campaigns that are well designed and run as smooth as possible, so we can always ensure that click is worth more to your business than what you're paying for it

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