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How do I start making money with affiliate marketing? And that is the golden question I know there's so many people out there giving you all types of different information, but if you watch this video I'll make sure you start off on the right foot

I'm Angie from Fab & Focusedcom, and as usual be sure to subscribe to my channel, and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every week Looking for ways to make money without putting in more hours at work is possible with passive income, specifically affiliate marketing It's a great way to make money even while you sleep By the end of this video you'll learn everything you need to know to get started

So, I made a video on what affiliate marketing is and how I make $4,000 in one day doing it, so go check that out whenever you can I will add that link in the description below, or you can click somewhere around this screen I just wanted to give you a quick overview before we get into how to start, which by the way, you can start for free Affiliate marketing is when you get paid a commission for promoting a company's product or service They provide you with a unique link called an affilite link, which is how the companies track your sales

The moment someone clicks on that link it places a cookie in that person's computer If they buy the product you are promoting within let's say, 30 days, then you'll get paid for it Commissions vary, but you can get anywhere from 1% to 75% of whatever you're promoting So, let's say that a company is selling sunglasses for $200 and they're offering affiliates 50% commission If a customer buys the glass you're promoting within a certain amount of time then you'll get paid $100 because they clicked on your affiliate link to get it

Many companies have affiliate programs, so like Sephora, Go Daddy, Walmart, lots of companies They're usually free to join You typically have to fill out an application, and if you get denied they typically tell you why If you get approved then now you have permission to promote that particular product or service You can find most affiliate programs at the product of the home page

They typically say, affiliate, become an affiliate, affiliate program, something with the word affiliate, or indicating that they have an affiliate program It's pretty easy to find All right So now before starting you have to consider a few things and they are, who your target audience is? What appeals to them? Is it something that they might be interested in because you're helping them fix a problem? How will they benefit from it? You can't just go out there and promote anything, so for example, if you're a hairstylist and your social media account is all about hair products, and beauty tips, and so on you can't go out there and promote a lawnmower You need to promote things that are relevant to your niche at least to have the most success from affiliate marketing

So, comment below and let me know if you just had an aha moment with that Next is finding affiliate programs Okay, so now that you figured out who your target audience is it's time to look for products or services to promote There are digital products, and then there are physical products Digital products are things like, E-books, audio books, or online courses

Physical products are things like, a hairbrush, a camera, a blender I can't think of anything else, but you get the point, right? With that said, digital products make you more money Here are some of the most popular affiliate programs The first is Amazon Associates You can earn up to 10% commission

It may not seem like a lot, but when you're promoting high ticket items you will get more bang for your buck So for example, if you promote a diva ring, which goes for $249 you can make $2490 per commission Let's just multiply that by 50 people who click on your affiliate link Then that means you just made $1,245

Cha Ching Next is Sandals And yes, they do have an affiliate program For those of you who don't know they're all about Caribbean and beach vacations They have lots of packages to choose from, and you as an affiliate you can win a free trip, or you can make commission of 4% or more from promoting them

I think that this one is a great one to promote because people tend to go full out for vacations and weddings Click Bank is another good one It's one of the best online retailers for digital home products You can promote other people's products as an affiliate from that platform So for example, if I create a course of some sort and host it on Click Bank once you become an affiliate for Click Bank you can promote my product and get commission for it

Click Bank has so many different digital products you can promote, and so many different types of categories like, home and garden, health, fitness, self help, the list goes on This last one is not an affiliate program, but it's the easiest way to find one, and that is by Googling it So, you can Google self help affiliate program for example And then you will see thousands of options that you can choose from On another note, comment below and tell me which of these affiliate programs you'll be starting ASAP

Now let's talk about ways to promote these products or service, and I have a couple for you The first is by creating a blog Another way is by using your social media account like, Instagram or Facebook For Facebook for example, you can write a post and then attach your affiliate link on there And lastly, you guys can also create a You Tube channel dedicated to providing quality content to your target audience

And then in the process promoting relevant products or services to them where you can just provide them with a link in the description below, or something like that The thing that I want you guys to always keep in mind is that you have to be honest about the product or service that you are promoting The last thing you want to do is ruin your credibility just to make a quick buck because if you do it this way then guess what? Your affiliate marketing career will end because no one is going to trust you Therefore, no one is going to buy anymore products or services from you Now if you guys had to remember anything about what I said I want you guys to remember this

You legally have to disclose the fact that you are an affiliate and will be making commission off of the product or service that you are promoting to stay out of trouble Remember that, and keep that in your head forever And that's it Those are my best tips for starting your affiliate marketing journey on the right foot for free Go ahead and join the Fab and Focused Mastermind, which was created to have like minded people motivate, and encourage, and help each other find financial freedom

The link to join is in the description below Please let me know if you enjoyed this video by liking it below, subscribing, and sharing it with your friends Comment below with money maker if you're ready to start this new journey Until next time

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