Introducing Chick’n’Mango: an international digital marketing consultancy brand

– Make a difference guys! Welcome to Chick’n’Mango, an international digital marketing consultancy I’m Alberto Carniel, made in Italy in 1991, and I founded Chick’n’Mango in 2016 to help organizations find their core belief and inspire people to action

Nowadays, the market is so saturated that companies even don’t know why they exist anymore But brand identity is the most important asset that can make a difference for a business I was born in Padua, a north-eastern Italian city in Veneto Think that my people are older than the Romans Venetian knights fought shoulder to shoulder with Trojans against the Greeks

Soccer was already played in Venice in the sixteenth century In 960, the Republic of Venice was the first state in the world to ban slave trade Venetians were explorers, warriors and merchants The Republic of Venice lasted 1100 years! Today, the new explorers are travelers, sport is the alter ego of war and marketers are the new merchants I founded Chick’n’Mango upon fitness, travel and marketing, because I believe these values make a difference in organizations

They allowed my people to be different To make a difference Now it’s your turn Unleash your energy and join the Chick’n’Mango adventure!

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