How To Start Affiliate Marketing 2018 – Even If YOU’RE A Beginner

– [Russell] Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson I wanna welcome you to affiliatebootcamp

com And during this free presentation, I'm gonna show you how you can retire in just 100 days, as a ClickFunnels Super Affiliate Now I'm sure that some of you guys after hearing that are thinking, Russell, this sounds way too good to be true, (audience laughing) but I promise you guys, if you pay close attention by end of this video not only will you believe it's true, you will know the exact path and the process that it takes to get you there and I promise you it's a lot easier than you think Now the question for you guys I'm guessing if you're here, you probably are a ClickFunnels member, you love ClickFunnels and I'm curious how many of you guys, all you wanna do all day is just build funnels? 'Kay if you, if that's you, don't worry you are in good company, that's the same thing that I wanna do all day long as well, I just wanna build funnels for myself, I wanna build funnels for clients, I wanna talk about funnels, and if I could make ClickFunnels my full time income, that's all I wanna do and so I'm gonna show you guys a very simple path, in a simple way you can do that and it's through a concept that we just created, called the 100 Day Plan

'Kay now the way it works, is I'm gonna show you guys, how if you follow a very simple process for less than an hour a day for 100 days, by the end of that process, you will have enough residual income coming in, you can be completely retired, your car payments will be taken care of and you'll be able to spend all of your time doing nothing but what you wanna do, which is probably like me, ClickFunnels and so that's kind of what we're gonna talk about Now I want you to imagine this Let's just say that this became your full-time job for the next 100 days 'Kay that means you went in, you clocked in every single morning at 9 o'clock and from nine till five you were focusing on nothing but promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate Let's say during that entire eight hour period of time all you were able to do is only give away, just one free trial a day

'Kay now I'm pretty sure most of you guys thinking, Russell that would be pretty easy, it'd be a lot of fun, if all I do, is just focus on giving away one trial a day 'Kay now I don't know about you, but if I had eight hours a day, I would hope I could get way more than one in fact, my guess is that most of you guys, it's not gonna take you eight hours, most you guys it's not gonna take you five hours, most of you guys it's gonna take you less than one hour, okay and so I wanna kind of stress that, this isn't something that's gonna take you all day long, but if you were to spend all day long, the same time you spend at your current job or whatever it is you are doing and you spent that entire day, all you gotta do, your only goal to get to retirement in 100 days, is just to give away one free trial 'Kay but again I'm not gonna make you guys, spend eight hours a day, I think you can do it in less than an hour and I'm gonna show you guys how right now Now the reason why this is important, is I want you to understand that every single time you refer someone to ClickFunnels for free and they get a free trial, after the 14 days, then they upgrade and the cool thing is that you get paid Now I don't know about you guys, but that's the best part is when you get paid right? So you're gonna be able to get paid, there's some green there to show you guys some money

Now I wanna show you guys how you get paid, because that's something people ask a lot So as an affiliate you get paid 40% commission, on every single person you refer Now in ClickFunnels is, basically there's two levels There is a $97 a month level and there's also a $297 a month level so what that means is that all the people you sign up for a free trial when they, when after the trial's over, if they're at the $97 a month level, it means you're going to get about, a little bit less than this but about $40 per month, as long as they remain a member For everyone who signs at the $297 level, means you're gonna be getting like 120

It's a little less than that but about $120 a month as an affiliate 'Kay you guys getting this? So what, let me walk you through how this works Basically all you do is you wake up every morning, you say okay, how can I give away just one trial per day? If I can give away one trial per day, what am I doing? I'm literally giving myself a raise every day This should be your mantra, you should hang it up on your wall, you should have it as big as you can see, saying I wanna give myself a raise today, how do I get myself a raise today 'cause all you gotta do is get one person and you give yourself a raise every single day 'Kay let me sketch it out so you do not miss this point, 'cause it's huge 'kay

So here's you, you wake up every morning, you say I'm gonna give away ClickFunnels to somebody who needs it I don't know about you but every business on planet Earth needs ClickFunnels, so you give that away to somebody and what happens, they get a ClickFunnels account, they have an amazing experience, their business, their life, everything is transformed forever, they're so happy, they're holding balloons in the picture okay and then when they do that, what happens to you? For each person you give it away, you make and on the low end $40 per month, 'kay Now that is where it all begins 'Kay it's through that, every single day, we focus on giving away just one trial per day Now I wanna do some math on that

What happens when you do that every single day for 100 days? 'Kay so here you go here's your $40, you get the first person signed up, they're excited you change their life forever and you get paid 40 bucks, awesome The next day you wake up, you get all excited, you decide I'm gonna start doing this, instead of spending eight hours, you spend, maybe you know, an hour and a half, you get that person, you get them to sign up, boom and that $40, you just gave yourself a raise, Now you are at $80 a month, boom 'Kay the next day you wake up, you say I'm gonna do this as fast as I can, you spend 30 minutes, you get the third person to sign up, boom, you gave yourself a raise for the day, you are done you can go goof off with your kids Boom you gave yourself a raise, now $120 a month By next morning wake up, you're getting better, every single day, this time you spend 10 minutes, you get someone signed up, you give yourself a raise and it keeps going up 'kay and you do it every single day and every day you get better and better and it goes from taking you an hour to taking you five minutes, taking you literally no time at all to the point where you have ads running and it's just signing up people for you around the clock

That's where we're gonna get in the next 100 days but at the end of 100 days, you have 100 people who are signed up, 'kay, now this is where some magic happens If you do the math on that, when you get 100 people signed up, your affiliate commission, if they don't upgrade, if they're, if you're on the lowest level, which is pretty awesome, is $4,000 per month Let me ask you a question, what would you do with an extra $4,000 per month? 'Kay for some of you guys, does that cover your house payment? That cover your car payment? That cover your student loans? Your debts, your credit card debts? 'Kay that's the power beyond, it's just 100 people, 100 people we have to change their life, give them, by giving a free ClickFunnels account and at the end of that, you have a recurring commission of $4,000 per month 'Kay now if I was to go get a college degree for the next five years of my life and at the end of it I get a job, starting wages at $4,000 a month is not very likely, okay So this is an amazing thing, when you're focusing just 100 days and like I said, it's not even full-time, it's very very very part-time but it gets better now, 'cause as soon as you have 100 members, not only is ClickFunnels gonna send you a check, every single month for $4,000 a month, the other thing we're gonna do is, as soon as you get 100 members, we are actually gonna pay the lease on your dream car

So I'm curious, what is your dream car? 'Kay everyone is different, it might be a Corvette, might be a Ferrari, might be a Lamborghini, might be a station wagon, might be a minivan, might be a Yukon, might be a Denali, everyone's picture of a dream car is different I'm guessing though for you, your dream car's definitely gonna have a Lightning stripe, on the side, am I right? 'Kay so you get your dream car, we will cover the lease payment on your dream car, up to $500 a month This is you have 100 customers and when you have 200 active customers, we cover up to $1,000 a month Now $1,000 a month will give you almost any car you want 'Kay that'll cover the lease payment on a Tesla, on a Ferrari, on a Corvette

It's pretty, it's pretty amazing And so as soon as you do that, 'kay as soon as you guys get one trial a day, every single day for just 100 days, at that point, it literally gives you the ability, where you can retire You guys getting this? Let's do the math If I get 100 people to sign up and they have active accounts, my residual commission check each month is $4,000 a month 'Kay do the math on that, that's 48k per year, I don't care who you are, that is a respectable income for only working 100 days a year

'Kay plus we cover the lease payment on your dream car 'Kay so your car payment's covered, the 48k can go towards your house payment, your student loans, whatever it is or you can have that money to goof off, go on vacation, like whatever it is for you, that 48k is gonna cover 'kay and that's assuming that you worked for 100 days and then you stopped 'kay Now some of you guys might be overachievers, maybe you're gonna keep working, after the 100 days and keep going right or maybe you're saying look Russell, one trial a day is cool but what if, what if I decide to put in 20 minutes of work today instead of 10 'kay What if I decided to spend a little extra time, what if I actually did spend the full eight hours and you said look Russell I'm an overachiever, I wanna do more 'kay Let's do the math and let's say you just, get two accounts a day as opposed to the one

This is exciting you guys and again this is assuming that that means you're basically at the end of this 100 day, you're, you're quitting and you're retiring So you do that two a day, that gives you 200 accounts, that makes your residual income check, excuse me, not even four we're at 8K per month, if you do the math on that, that's 96K per year 'kay and that's assuming you worked for 100 days, took the rest of the year off And for those of you guys who are overachievers and you decide to work for 110 days or 120 days, that 96 quickly becomes 100K The 100K quickly becomes 200K, the 200K quickly becomes 250K and it keeps going up from there 'Kay not to mention the fact that your car payment for your dream car, not some lame car but your dream car is covered as well

'Kay and that's if you're only giving away, two accounts per day Are you guys getting this? Now on top of that, there's one other thing I wanna mention, 'cause a lot of people don't even know, this is inside the ClickFunnels affiliate program but the coolest thing, we have a cool concept that we call Sticky Cookies, so I'm gonna draw a picture of a cookie right here There is a cookie, now we call these Sticky Cookies 'cause guess what's gonna happen? You are gonna be all excited about ClickFunnels, you're gonna be signing up your person a day, you're gonna give ClickFunnels away, people are gonna go, they're gonna join, there's my quick ClickFunnels logo, you change this person's life, they've got the balloon they are happy but what's gonna happen after that? They're gonna get all ingrained in ClickFunnels and be all excited and they're gonna say man, ClickFunnels is awesome but I didn't know they had a program called, called Funnel Scripts Stay on the right They help me write the copy better in my funnels

This person here isn't going, they're gonna come over here and buy Funnel Scripts and guess what? Because there's a Sticky Cookie, associated with your email address, when they buy Funnel Scripts guess what happens to you? Boom you get paid 'kay Now a little while later, they're going through and saying, wow look at this, this book DotCom Secrets that Russell wrote, this book is awesome They buy the book, helps them become better at creating funnels and then guess what happens? You're right, boom you get a commission 'Kay, a couple weeks later, I do a webinar promoting some other, really cool funnel building program or product revenues that we sell to our member base to help them to become better with ClickFunnels and then my team is spending money on Facebook ads to our existing customer base We're driving traffic, we're doing all the hard work for you

This person sees one of my Facebook ads that I paid for, they come over here, they go, they see, they watch the webinar, they get excited, they buy the product and guess what? Even though I paid for that ad on Facebook, I drove the person to the ad, I did everything because you brought them as a customer, you get paid and that you guys, is the power of Sticky Cookies So not only are you getting the residual commission check for every single month they are staying, a ClickFunnels member, not only are you getting your dream car covered and paid for, every time they buy one of the products or services from us in the future, the Sticky Cookie's gonna come back and make sure you get paid commission for that Is that amazing? Is it okay if we over deliver? We literally want ClickFunnels to become your retirement plan, so for the rest of your life, all you have to do is do what you wanna do, which is building funnels, You can build funnels for yourself, for clients, whatever it is but your recurring income stream coming from just the ClickFunnels affiliate program can and should be enough for you to retire on But you have to understand, this is happening every single day In fact one of our ClickFunnels affiliates, he's just 23 years old, 'kay, not in college, not a full-time job, in the last few months he has given away, over 500 affiliate accounts

He has been able to retire at the age of 23 and he gets affiliate commissions on 500 people, 'kay but not only that he covers his dream car payment, every time when these customers are buying more things, he's getting paid, he literally never has to work again for the rest of his life He's a 23 year old kid I don't know about you, but that's a much better future, than going to college, going to school, hoping and praying for doing something else And the best thing is that us, as a ClickFunnels team, we handle the customer support, we handle the upselling, we handle the, we handle everything All you have to do is just introduce people to the tool that has changed my life and now it's changed your life and it's gonna change your customers' lives as well

You guys getting this? You see why this is so exciting? Now I am gonna show you guys a process, it's so simple 'kay that literally if you fail at this, you should not be an Internet marketer, 'kay If you fail this process you should quit 'kay I don't normally tell people that but this is true if you fail at this, it's time to quit 'cause that's how simple it is There's no easier way to make money online, than what I'm gonna be walking you guys through right now

'Kay and we're gonna do that through a program that we call the 100 Day Challenge Now the 100 Day Challenge, I'm gonna show you guys over the next 100 days how to become one of our super affiliates Now this training unlike most people's training is free Why is it free? Because I benefit when you become a super affiliate I benefit when you refer more people to ClickFunnels

So I'm not gonna charge you the $2,000, I would typically sell this course for I'm gonna let you have it for free, if you commit to me that you will focus on this for the next 100 days 'kay I don't want it to be that I'm more passionate about your retirement than you You gotta commit to me for the next 100 days that you will focus on this 100 Day Challenge If you do that, I will promise you a few things

You are gonna learn more about Internet marketing, than you will learn anywhere else online You're gonna learn how to drive traffic from Facebook ads, you're gonna learn how to set up funnels, you're gonna learn how to build a list, you're gonna learn all these amazing things and I'm gonna do it for free for you, if you promise to commit for just 100 days Does that sounds fair? 'Kay if you're up for that and you're willing to commit for 100 days, all you gotta do is scroll down below, there's gonna be a link down below and a button for you to click on When you click on that button, it's gonna ask for your name and email address and that's it, that is the cost of admission, there's no, there's no, I'm not selling this, I'm trying to upsell you anything, this is a free program and literally you guys this Affiliate Bootcamp that we're gonna be walking you guys through for the next 100 days, can be your map for freedom I'm literally gonna show you how to retire in just 100 days, as a ClickFunnels super affiliate

And if you commit to this for 100 days, every single day you get an email from me, it's gonna tell you what steps you need to follow, you look at that video, you follow the steps and you actually do it, at the end of 100 days, your life will be changed forever Your financial life, I'm guessing that when your finances go up, it's gonna help your personal life, your freedom, your happiness, everything will go up, when you follow this 100 day challenge And like I said, in the past I have sold Affiliate Bootcamp for over a thousand dollars and at times up to two thousand dollars or more but because you are a ClickFunnels member and because we want you to promote ClickFunnels, we wanna give you a car, we wanna give you huge commission checks, we've decided to do the unthinkable and give you this entire program for free All you have to do is first off, opt-in in the email down below and second off, commit to 100 days 100 days will change your life but only if you commit

So if you commit to me, I will let you have this entire training program for free, but you gotta make that commitment to me right now 'Kay so if you commit, say right now out loud, I know you're watching a video, but I want you to commit, say Russell, I commit to focusing on this for 100 days If you tell me that, I know I can change your life 'Kay so all you gotta do now, is click on the button down below and I'm gonna show you guys how to retire in a hundred days, as a ClickFunnel super affiliate So click on the link down below and I'll see you on the next page

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