How To Get SEO Clients By Creating An Affiliate Program For Them

alright alright alright alright! today guys we're gonna do something very unorthodox I'm gonna tell you one of my best kept secrets of how to get SEO clients by creating them an affiliate program

yes creating a local affiliate program create an affiliate program for local businesses I'm sorry so that's how you can get SEO clients very easily see what you want to do is approach them how they haven't been approached before everybody is calling them to do their marketing everybody you're calling them to do all of these action stuff but you can simply contact them and this could be a cold call I don't usually tell people Coco but since it's so different in not stealthy then you can do this so what will the affiliates do the affiliates will beat their lead generators on the on the ground so basically you will create a commission system for regular people so you're giving you're creating jobs for the community pat yourself on the back all right so you will create an affiliate form affiliate system using their best coupons the best whatever and people can do whatever they want to do they can catch the buzz they go ride around they can leaving it in people's mail box they can Dornoch they can put on the door hangers they can do whatever so say for instance is let's see dances Hill or something like that hear me all right here we go no thank you all right so this is an at-home impression kit for invisible aligners Hey all right so let's view the deal let's go we want local businesses when I really try this is a smile Club let's go let's find a local dentist see what deals they have hopefully they have something on the state let's see bear with me guys I should have prepared this found went found a deal before I got hired how about this portable dentures so tell us a price now all right then just starting there $199 boom all right and 500 off of Invisalign treatments so that would be better there's a more higher ticket all right so these people could get a hundred 150 bucks or something like that create some kind of good affiliate program for the people so they can Dornoch they can if they know how to do online marketing they can run PEYA traffic they can do whatever so you literally tell the dentist that you have a formely working to generate them leaves you're not offering them your marketing services you want to build them an affiliate program at no cost to start all right so once the once the affiliate program is set up and they get their first couple leads then they can pay you they can pay you per every every time some kind of create zones like the MLM every time one of the army people or whatever you bring in some kind of new patient or something like that you can get paid or whatever blah blah blah it's just a way to get your foot in the door and then you can up down up up sell them to SEO remember you want to approach these people differently because they're always in approach about SEO and they still don't know what they are that is majority of them all right so this is just a creative way of getting your foot in the door create them an affiliate program and I have all the emails and swipes that you can use to get your foot in the door to get them to say yes and most of the time while you're in the middle setting is up they ask you is this something you can do to make the phone ring quicker or on a more permanent basis consistently that you can pretty much predict the phone call volume and that's when you say well technically I was gonna tell you about Ezio but I know you're about and then boom they'll trust you because you created an affiliate program for them and they never even heard of it all right so I got a big surprise for you guys in the next video so make sure you watching through binge watch this like it's freakin Netflix right alright so you should be able to get clients now you should have no excuse I'm giving you all of this information for free and I charge $5,000 and up tuition for my school my trade school and I'm giving you guys all of this free I know my students are jealous man so if you go to the link in the description I'm even more pretty goodies away I'm giving away the exact funnels that I'm using that I have used to get a late at least bouts with 37 new SEO clients in less than five weeks when I was on a bench 37 clients are five weeks all of them were paying over two to five thousand dollars a month so yes we're in the money yes yes but you know someone fell off since then but but we still got a high amount of clients so you can use these scripts you can use the email swipes you can use the message and the outreach systems that I have so you don't have the cold call you can use the exact funnel that I closed SEO clients they're closed before they even get on the phone with me or my assistants and you'll know how to fulfill do the work to get them rapid results guarantee targeting everything whether it's paid traffic or SEO you're going to learn how to do lead generation for these clients so that you can keep them paying you long time alright so all of that is for free in the description link so I expect to see a lot of you guys in there taking me up on this free offer right now so go ahead join get the free funnel sent to you and everything like that let me know in the comments how well it works and thanks me thank me later bye you can right now by subscribing if you're new if you're not new then go ahead and like this video and share that shit it alright see you in the next video and this was how to get SEO clients by creating an affiliate program for local businesses

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