How To Create A POWERFUL PPC & Advertising Campaigns on Amazon FBA

What is going on guys it's rob here from steps to success so today I want to talk about Amazon FBA Advertising so we're gonna be going over PPC which is pay-per-click What's the difference between an? automatic and a manual campaign when you wanna take advantage of an automatic versus a manual a why sometimes you want to have both of the campaigns running how to Dissect the right amount of keywords how to make sure that the keywords that you have Are the best keyword for you to apply where to find the keywords that you should be? Putting into your campaign manager and as well we're gonna also touch base on doing giveaways You know kind of what's the goal with giveaways how to you know meet short-term and long-term goals as well outside Traffic so Facebook Ads Instagram ads how you can increase that sales velocity so it can help you getting onto page one So without further ado let's get started on today's video so the first question that most people would ask is once you have your Amazon FBA product in Amazon FBA is warehouse What's the next step so before you guys do any kind of advertising doing any kind of giveaways? Make sure that you get those initial reviews

This is very important guys You know there are several different methods for you to go about getting those reviews And I do have a ton of other videos in which you know kind of Caters specifically to asking this question so if you are new to this channel make sure to check out My other videos on how you can go about getting those reviews But in this instance we're gonna assume that you have those five to ten initial reviews for your Amazon FBA Product and you're ready to get started on advertising so the very first thing that you guys want to do is run an automatic campaign and the reason you want to do this is because an automatic campaign will actually use Amazon FBA Database and find keywords which will translate and convert into sales for you So this takes a ton of hard work out of you know your daily Daily likes and the reason that it's really important for you guys to run an automatic campaign is because sometimes there is a chance that you might have missed on a good keyword and Amazon uses the most commonly Type keywords for your specific product and sometimes you can find those really helpful keywords and dissect them out Which as I'll be going later in this video You can manually add it in a manual campaign for that product so the first thing that you guys want to do is run an automatic campaign for at least a week and the reason I say a week is because If you run it for a shorter amount up here You don't really get as much information and anything passed away You know it can be more beneficial, but it probably will not gather that much more information for you So that one week period you get to see what kind of keyword Amazon suggests out of those keywords which ones Converted the most amount of sales for you, so the way that you can do This is by going on to the business performance and requesting a report or going into your campaign manager On solid central at the same time requesting a campaign report for your automatic I and once you download that Attachment you should open it with Microsoft Excel I know the word comes the the type of file is a word file Which usually opens with notepad? so either right click go to open with and open with Excel or simply drag and drop it on to Microsoft Excel and if This is your very first time doing this the numbers might overwhelm you a little bit But it's really easy to read guys Especially once you do it a couple times so the first thing that you want to check for is Which keywords Amazon is suggesting for you? And that's usually on the second or third Column for your file and from there on you want to go and check the cost per click for each keyword How much you've spent which is the total spent column again? You want to always check that out and after that is how many orders you actually sieved from these keywords and your 8th class percentage so a cost is a very important term that we're going to be discussing on Amazon FBA and Basically what that means is how much you spend for a keyword in total divided by how many units That keyword has generated for you in terms of sales So for instance if the product that you've bought from China Has a net profit margin of 50% and your it cost is showing as 20% What that means is you have a? Finalized net profit margin of 30% so you always want to make sure that your it cost is lower than your net profit margin Otherwise what you want to do is we want to get rid of these key terms From your cutter mattock campaign because they're actually costing you more than they're generating your sales However, there are times that you know you might want to consider keeping it for the short term And one of those reasons is if you're trying to maximize your sales of Velocity which is basically how many units you're selling per day to increase your listing onto that first page So I tell a lot of my students that the goal within your first one week or two weeks is For you to find the best converting keywords and increasing your sales velocity for those Even though it might cost you a little bit more money or even if you're breaking even Because once you actually get to that first page you can now stop those keywords and you'll be converting sales Organically without any campaign manager without doing any ads without ever bringing any outside traffic And that's the whole goal with Amazon advertising for you guys to get yourself onto that first page So before I go on I know some of you are gonna Ask me Well Rob What if the people on the first page are doing? 10,000 to 20,000 a month on average And I only have money to bring in a thousand dollars worth of products in that case you actually have two choices The first try is do you want to maximize your profit? if so Then the goal is for you to only cut convert and use the keywords that are gonna convert the most amount of Profits per unit for you, so let me give you guys an example Let's say that I'm doing Bluetooth speakers, and I have the keyboard Bluetooth speaker Which has an a cost of 20% and my net profit margin on the actual product is 50% So I'm left with 30% So now let's say I have another keyword That's just speakers alone and speakers has an e cost of 60 percent or 50 percent It makes more sense for me to target Bluetooth speaker and make that 30% net profit margin because I don't have enough inventory to Get myself onto that first page and my whole goal with this product is to Maximize my profit so I can order more inventory and I can gradually work my way To ordering that five to ten thousand worth of inventory so I can compete with the guys on first page so again another thing that you guys can also do is you can use both the word key speaker and Bluetooth speaker to increase your sales velocity initially Trying to get as close to the first page as you can while Ordering your second batch right away so again You can Continuously try to increase that sales velocity to compete with people on first page so it all comes down to how much investment you have How much revenue the people on the first page are doing and how? Much time it would take for you to get there so you always at the same time we want to keep an eye out for Production time and lead time for your supplier because a ton of you guys might run out of inventory and then very important factor if you do or if you are right now running out of inventory and You're close to getting to that first page instead of Raising your price to maximize your profits what I would recommend is keep the sales velocity high Let your inventory run out if your Safari is sending you the products late Just go ahead and close your listing that way your rank And it doesn't go down so that's very important guys never ever increase your price where you can actually cause your listing and keep your VSR intact it's a very good thing to do that you want to make sure that you you apply for your Amazon FBA Business so the next thing that I want to go over is If you guys actually have keywords that are converting, but have a super high a cost what can you do so Amazon actually has a section in your campaign manager where you can add what's called negative keywords and negative keywords Are you can basically add them so when someone searches for that keyword? Your ad will never show up and this way you can start to get rid of those keywords from your Automatic which is costing you a lot of money Let's say you've been running for that campaign now for seven days and you've dissected the high converting keywords for yourself What's the next step what you guys want to do now is? Pause the keywords that have cost you a lot of money at the same time let your automatic campaign run so Amazon can continuously Find a new keyword for you at the same time the keywords that are converting well for you you want to create a second campaign Which will be a manual campaign and you can target the keywords either as a phrase or exact? This is not only gonna help you guys lower your it costs even further But it's gonna make sure that the people that are searching those keywords are Finding the exact product that they're looking for and you know this because of the 70s automatic campaign that you ran So hopefully by now your it cost will be lower than 20% and the next step for you is Try to increase that sales velocity so you can get yourself onto that first page So while you're running an automatic campaign another thing that you might want to consider is giveaways So I personally use Johnson to do giveaways for my products and they've been working Terrifically for me again

Everyone difference and preferences for what platform they like But I personally use Johnson and what Johnson does is they actually? Apply a coupon for your product Where people can purchase your products for a discount and that still counts as the sales velocity in? Amazon's eyes and the whole goal with this is now not only are you converting sales through your automatic and manual campaign but as well you're doing giveaways which is increasing that sales velocity and getting you onto that first page and Once you're on that first page now as I mentioned you can stop those giveaways because you're going to be generating sales Organically without having to spend money on advertising Another thing that I want to touch base upon is what if the amount of sales that you're getting from your campaign is Expensive or the giveaways is costing you too much money are there any other Avenues where you can drive traffic to increase your sales velocity, so you can get yourself onto that first page So Facebook Ads is one of the best platform guys compared to Amazon's or PPC and campaign manager You you will find that it will actually cost you much less than Advertising on Amazon same with Instagram so what you want to make sure that you do for Instagram is use high quality pictures not as much text and Direct people to your Amazon page so if you are thinking of doing a Facebook ad or an Instagram make sure that you hire someone on Fiverr so they can do a high quality profile picture for your product This is very important because if you use a bad quality picture you will it will affect again your it cost in Ion IG or Facebook, and this is important that you guys apply the right methods, and you know you advertise it correctly so it doesn't cost you guys that much money I Do have a free ebook which walks you guys through every single step of the way from getting started on Amazon all the way to becoming a poor advance sellers selling on Amazon FBA I'm making that six southern figure in your income so if you're interested make sure to check it out in the description box It's absolutely free and it will walk you guys through with every single step alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video I want every single one of you guys to be successful on Amazon FBA especially when it comes to advertising PPC giveaways driving outside traffic so if you have any questions Or if you're still unclear about anything that I discussed in this video comment down below or reach out to me on Facebook And I'll be more than happy to walk you through it again If you are new to this channel make sure to subscribe if you haven't already and give this video a thumbs up if that was Helpful for you, and I can't wait to see you guys on the next video

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